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Originally Posted by extrabigmehdi View Post

Nope, most digital edit are lossy, including basic volume change. However the  rounding errors introduced can be too small to be perceived.


Regarding digizoid , it use some psychoacoustics to tricks your ears,  I  guess like the maxxbass vst:

Okay, I will concede that point. If you do any arithmatic with doubles and other certain data types on a computer, there will be a technical loss.

On a good EQ, you can normally take it off economy mode to make the rounding error arbitrarily low, however (and, hell, economy mode should essentially be arbitrary). That is, in essence, basically as good as a lossless transformation. 

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Does anyone know where I can get an after market cable for the 940's



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I'm really curious, having owned the SRH940's for nearly a month now, am using then unamped (don't have one yet) about the effects of an amp.


I'm looking for an amp that will open up the 940's (already big) soundstage further, add in a touch of bass and mid-bass.  I listen to many different genres, including trance(house/progressive)/classical/orchestral/rock.


Thinking about getting an amp (RSA P-51, Graham Slee Voyager, CEntrance DACport, Corda 3Move/2Stepdance), does anyone mind sharing their advice?

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I have two amps I use with my 940's. The first is a small solid state amp that is neutral to slightly cold and is in my signature. This amp makes the SRH-940 even more detailed and increases all frequencies in clarity and sharpness which translates to more punch for the bass. I have an Indeed single tube amp a friend loaned me (I suspect I will be buying it from him soon) and that amp is a warmer sounding amp that also increases the bass a bit. It essentially smooths out the sound just a bit making the 940 sound more mellow but without completely loosing the detail making it a nice change up from the solid state amp. It's funny but I think the tube also makes the sound stage a bit bigger as well.


The cool thing is the tube amp is less than $100 off ebay. So you could get it plus an SS portable amp for for probably less than $200 combined.

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The Neco Soundlab looks like a nice 18V portable amplifier - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/140768397860

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Kiteki, I noticed from your profile you have the Bravo v2.  Seeing that its the 'sister' version of indeed what were your impressions from the stock tubes?  Did you roll them too?

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I think I gave that to someone almost 2 years ago, I need to fix my profile.  The Bravo sounded err, okay, for like... 1 song... then I'd immediately switch to my integrated vintage stereo amplifier, back then I was using SA-5000, Fostex T-5 and Koss PortaPro.


If you want a cheap amplifier my hunch is something from China like this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Fanmusic-Mini-Portable-Battery-Headphone-Amplifier-RA1-/120642236301 with a proper op-amp like this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/OPA2111-KP-dual-Low-Noise-DiFET-OpAmp-Pro-audio-1-/180658456056 will surpass the Bravo etc.

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Hmm, that would be more for desktop rig - I'd be focusing now more on the portable rig hence the models listed above.  From the models listed, which would you pick over the others for the same reasons?


amp that will open up the 940's (already big) soundstage further, add in a touch of bass and mid-bass.  I listen to many different genres, including trance(house/progressive)/classical/orchestral/rock.

Amps I'm looking at are the RSA Mustang, Graham Slee Voyager, Meier Audio 3Move/2Stepdance and CEntrance DACport - other recommendations are welcome though.

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The Voyager is nice, I haven't heard the others, the RA1 I linked you to is smaller than the Voyager, it's a portable amp.


Improving source is more important.  If you really want bass enhancement you'll need a switch.  For example Colorfly CK4 + Jds C421 w/8620 or something like that.  Check the links this time.

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Source is mainly my laptop for now - all the file are either 320/flac.  

Intending to get a DAC later on, but that should be another discussion.


@JDS c421 - looks pretty interesting from the Headphonia review, will check it out!  Hopefully someone in Singapore has one I can try out. Thanks for the recommendation!

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So you mean you carry your laptop around = portable?  There are always DAC/Amp's in one which are good value.  In Singapore you can go to Jaben at Adelphi and try the GoVibe VestAmp, I recommend that one. =)

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Hello all. 


I find the 940s (along with HD25s) are convincing and satisfying out of pretty much any source/amp... and yet they also generate different character. As dweaver wrote above, my tube amp also widens the soundstage and all the other good stuff he said (!). I can also vouch for 940s from the Voyager... a little less 'present' but still detailed and well balanced. From the GS Ultra Linear they have a more detail and punch but with a narrower soundstage. From a 2006 GS solo they sound bright (in a good way) and 'in your face' - great for rock.


Overall just an excellent can and great VFM. In this case "I like Marmite" though I read many here that don't wink.gif.





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Originally Posted by preproman View Post

Does anyone know where I can get an after market cable for the 940's




Noone makes them as the plug is proprietary. I have made my own using a donor Shure cable and 6N solid silver. Results are very favourable and I highly recommend the upgrade.

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@Kiteki - sorry about mangling the meaning of portable - my mind refers to laptop as portable as I don't use my Samsung Galaxy SII for music purposes very much.  But its my work kit so that what I use.  Will try to drop by Jaben's this weekend to try out the VestAmp if they have it, will be interested to see how it performs against the DACport


@Lillee hey how are your SRH940's turning out?  Hope things are going well for you man, sorry I missed you on your last day here.

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Hey mate, yeah last day in SG was a costly one. I tried out some CIEMs and now I'm caught hook line a sinker...

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