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It funny though as I have heard the HE400/500 as wel as HD650 and owned the HD600 and I think the 1440 offers a very competitive sounding headphone and it is also very competitive price wise and the 1840 is also competitive for those more neutrality.
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Originally Posted by dweaver View Post

It funny though as I have heard the HE400/500 as wel as HD650 and owned the HD600 and I think the 1440 offers a very competitive sounding headphone and it is also very competitive price wise and the 1840 is also competitive for those more neutrality.

I agree.


Which is why the obsession here with the 940 is somewhat amusing ;)

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Originally Posted by Katun View Post


I just think people glance over them due to ...




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versus Tesla T90...



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Originally Posted by dweaver View Post

It funny though as I have heard the HE400/500 as well as HD650 and owned the HD600 and I think the 1440 offers a very competitive sounding headphone and it is also very competitive price wise and the 1840 is also competitive for those more neutrality.


See, and that's great you are able to say that about those. Because, quite honestly, those didn't even dawn on me when I was trying to shop in that range. Probably half due to the fact that there aren't too many reviews on them just yet (yours and Headfonia's are the only that come to mind), let alone comparisons to other similarly priced headphones. I find the competition just immense in that segment (even though there really isn't too many options) and then along comes Shure to drop the bombs. A bit shocking, but intriguing at the same time. Because anything priced as high as those two are really worth a closer look.


^^ Haha, at picture! Good one.

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Originally Posted by DrR0Ck View Post

As for comfort, I much preferred the velour pads on the 940, but the headband was a disaster.  I developed uncomfortable sensitive spots on the top of my head from the bumps on the 940 headband.

Edit - The 840s isolate better than the 940s.  As for leakage, my wife consistently complained that she could hear my music when using the 940s.  Not so for the 840s.

I think to some extent, that since I am largely driving the headphones with my iPad or Droid 3 and using pretty much 256-320 KB mp3 files that I was unable to get the most out of the 940s. 

Sorry to bring this up again. I don't see how the 940's could leak that much. With my iPod Touch (50% maximum volume) connected to a FiiO E7 (max volume of 60), the leakage is noticeable from 3 feet away. This volume level is louder than I would listen to while riding in a noisy public bus. Cutting the iPod Touch's volume to 30% of maximum volume (which more like the volume level I would listen to while on a bus), there is hardly any noise leakage at all until you get within inches of the earcups.

Unless you listen to your music at a level loud enough for public transit, or the earups didn't have a good fit on your head, I don't see how you could possibly have so much leakage in a quiet environment.

These observations were done using a fairly loud 256kbps VBR R&B/soul songs.
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I have managed to make my own custom cable for the SRH940's using 5N solid silver cable 23awg.


Firstly the stock cable gauge is extremely thin so I cannot imagine it to be any better than the Shure stock IEM cable, in fact I suspect worst, so my hunch that the cable may be holding the headphones back might be substantiated after all.


The good news is that the 940's aren't as sensitive to cable change as the IEMs are which is logical, but there is still improvements. Micro details are much more audible and clearer, imaging of instruments is better. Sound stage seems to be cleaner and clearer. Overall it is like giving the dirty window a good polish and now everything is crystal clear.


Mids and lows don't seem to be effected to my disappointment. Definition is slightly better, but quantity and slamm are unaffected. Usually silver cables don't do well for bass but I attribute this to the (usually) small gauge of the wire being used. The stuff I am using is thick and on the IEMs they don't show a bass deficiency like the 29AWG solid silver cables I have.


For about $150 including a $30 original Shure cable that I butchered, Oyaide plug, it's a reasonable upgrade IMO since I already had the silver cable. But overall maybe not worth it since the headphones are only $300 so the cable makes up 50% of the price! Saying that I so prefer the silver cable over the stock SQ wise


I think I might try heavy gauge silver plated OFC instead if I get bored... 

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Forgot to mention, I also did a "Rope mod" but using a thick 1cm power chord (the black computer power chord type). Very simple just measure, chop and stuff them into the earphone pad. They "disappear" and can't be seen unless you dig your fingers in there.

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I would be willing to buy such a 5N solid silver cable from you to try a blind test with just for fun.


If too much hassle, I'm interested in where you found the raw components?  It'd cost me less to make a silver cable for the Fostex T50RP or Sony EX600/800ST/1000 IEM series, plus... a Sony EX800ST with a different cable would look very pretty!

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Just PM'd you.


Actually the braided silver clear teflon cable is very good looking.


I am A/Bing the cable versus stock cable now and actually there is a substantial difference. Firstly the volume is 1-2db louder with the silver cable. Micro details and instrument isolation and imaging is substantially better and most noticeable. I am beginning to think that this is a very worthy upgrade...

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OK after listening to a round my usual "test tracks" I've discovered that the silver cable and the "rope" mod" is incompatible. The rope mod makes the bass drowned out firstly and with the silver cable makes the highs slightly sibilant. Nothing too substantial but the sound of the headphones now without the rope mod and silver cables is very good. I've hit a point where I am now actually thinking Wow... not bad (first time since I first bought them). Everything has come together, bass is good, clarity and imaging is superb. HP-P1 also helps.


Highly recommend a cable change, even if it's just for comparison sake as there is noticeable difference.

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Update: After several hours of listening and some A/B cable swapping, it is now clear that the Silver cable is superior over the stock cable. Overall the mids and highs are cleaner and clearer, in fact swapping back to the stock cable makes the tracks sound suddenly darker and more muffled. Can be most evident with acoustic guitar and cymbals like high hat, imaging is superb and very lifelike. The bass is less effected but there is very slight improvement in transient speeds and cleanliness of bass notes. 


Overall it has levelled up the already source sensitive, highly detailed headphones one step further. They are very good IMO, but only if you have a good source/dac/amp to run them.


Side note:

I (seriously) compared these to Edition 8's in Singapore and although the Edition 8's win it in overall balance, sound stage, comfort, build quality, bass quantity and quality, to me the Ed8's are too dark for my liking. Mids and voices aren't as forward as I am used to. The 940's with the Silver cable are better at micro details and resolution than the Ed8's are in this respect. I was willing to throw my wallet down at Ed8's but have decided not to over this aspect (maybe later!). It might sound like I am knocking the Ed8's but let me be clear, they were very very good and left a lasting impression on me, but to me they are not worth 6 times Shure SRH940's. Perhaps 3-4 times due to build quality and other aspects mentioned, maybe later

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Thanks for the PM Lillee, let's make these thick solid silver cables together and I'll see if I can hear any differences or not.  If I can I'll blind test the cables, some day.



p.s. noticed you have the Fostex HP-P1, that's an excellent amplifier, loved it with A2000X.

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Stumbled on this thread today: http://www.head-fi.org/t/597256/srh940-simple-mod-that-fixes-the-bass-and-treble-problems


Has anyone tried this? I might give this a go tonight see what happens but to be honest they sound really good now.

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I know I didn't! :-p

The 940s are fine as they are and due to my #compulsiveBuyerDisorder I got more headphones to complement the Shures so... but the more the merrier. I would love to see reactions/impressions of people who have performed the mod...

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