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Originally Posted by kiteki View Post


I mean... the graph I linked in post #2011, that's a ~$500 studio headphone, and the FR is all over the place!


HOWEVER... it looks very similiar to the average equal loudness contour...

That graph looks reasonable except for the 5 db hump at 100 hz and the treble peak. If that treble peak didn't go so high it would probably sound pretty good, since you could EQ down the bass hump with little or no side effects.
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Originally Posted by oldshoe99 View Post

There's good news and there's bad news. I'll just skip the good news and say that picking an amp is an agonizing process unless you get lucky, or you buy with 100 percent money back and have the patience to make sure you get the right one. I've found headphone reviews to have some reliable information when I put several of them together, but with amp reviews I get lost in the details.

You have to go and bring your cans to your nearby high end audio stores that sell headphone amps. Thats really the most economical way of getting it right :)

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Originally Posted by donunus View Post

You have to go and bring your cans to your nearby high end audio stores that sell headphone amps. Thats really the most economical way of getting it right :)

There was a decent high-end store in Santa Barbara, out of business now. Jonas Miller was a staple in Santa Monica years ago, but he'd probably kick you out if you asked to do anything on headphones. The high end store in Long Beach I had to wrestle the guy to demo a Sennheiser - lost 3 teeth and 2 broken bones in that fight. In Cleveland the same deal with their big hifi dealer - one guy threw me out and another salesman came out and dusted me off, shook me down to see if I had money, then he "allowed" me 5 minutes with an electrostatic if I promised to buy. It ain't Japan here.
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LOL I had lots of options when I lived in Northern California. Lots of friendly high end audio stores within a 30 mile radius.

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graphCompare.php?graphType=3&graphID[]=863&graphID[]=3101&graphID[]=1153&graphID[]=1383Okay doesn't have to much to do with the thread but i wanted to share this interestingness... 


Hopefully the graph comes up.

First notice the similarities between the 940 and HD800 50hz square wave, kinda hard because they are in opposite phase but they are pretty close.

Second holy crap the XB500 puts out a clean 50hz square wave, last what is up with the funky Beats square wave response, it looks completely confused.

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Also the 940 seems to have the HD800 beat in harmonic distortion on the mids, course the difference probably isn't audible.




ehh might as well post all of them

What would a not flat impedence response do to sound?graphCompare.php?graphType=4&graphID[]=863&graphID[]=3101

Also i have no idea how this post is going to come out and am completely confused.graphCompare.php?graphType=1&graphID[]=863&graphID[]=3101

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Although im really not sure about these results because according to them the k701 and Q701 sound different. Me along with a few people at the Irvine meet disagree, of course we could be wrong.

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The effect will depend on the amp used whether they will boost the higher impedances vs the lower impedance loads etc... Really great amps will ignore that impedance curve :)

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Originally Posted by Brooko View Post

Agree + I was talking about what I hear through the SRH940.  What I hear will be inherently different to what everyone else hears.  And I also agree - for me, music has always been the point - never sound.  But for me while the rest of the presentation is fantastic, the bass is off.  It's like sitting down to a fine meal.  The steak is cooked perfectly, the pasta is divine, everything is perfect except for the sauce.  Others may like the sauce - but I do not, and it is served on the steak (it is an inherent part of the meal).  I could add salt / pepper / garnish to improve it - but it is still not right for me.  In time I may get used to the sauce - but for now I am thinking about no longer partaking in this meal - but trying another one.  I trust you understand this more fully.


And you don't need to talk mixing tables or anything else.  This is not about how the music was mixed - it's about how the SRH940 presents it to me.  The Alessandros are fine.  The Beyers are fine (although they do not have the same life that the SRH940 or the Alessandro has in the mids).  Unfortunately the SRH940 for me at the moment is the problem.  I wish it wasn't - because the rest of what it offers is really 'that good'.


Anyway - I'd suggest you actually try it and then we could discuss some more.  After all - you already said - you have never yet tried the sauce ...... wink.gif

that was an awesome analogy :D

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I like SRH-940 sauce on my steak, it tastes like johnny walker barbeque smokey sauce with some chili zing garnished with a lemon and some parsley, and basil.




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Blue Label, I presume?

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Just red label.


Blue label is reserved for the finest cuts of scotch fillet steak marinated in port wine with angelica root, elderberry and goji infused adriatic honeysuckle (that's listening to linn classical recordings with the Tesla T5p).



Edit: I'm not mocking you, Brooko, I do like descriptive analogies. ;)


Now then, back to my emperor duck with orange-peel.


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Hah. I wonder what listening UMO Jazz Orchestra on my Linn system is then... Bah, forget Blue Label and goji berries. Kid's stuff. :)


Quite enjoyable nevertheless, I'm sure, for both of us. It's nice when you forget the damn gear and can enjoy the music. I've only been able to do that on my speaker system.. Headphones are quite tricky in relation. 

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