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So why didn't you like it high Q?...

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I have never tried it, so I can't say it a bad sounding player as I'm looking SQ.  Sflo2 for example, I can put up with it because of its SQ.  Just curious how the SQ is like on the 801. I'm afraid of putting down the money, and end up regretting it.  Thats all.  If it was being sold from Amazon, I can get my refund without paying $$ for shipping back to China.

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So why didn't you like it high Q?...


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sorry i misread your post, i see now!

yes, it's a bit of a risk, all i can say is i think it sounds amazing.

When it broke, i tried so hard not to like it, but i found myself really missing the sound.

It has a sort of airiness and space that i haven't heard on other players.

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My only issue with HM801 now is that the LCD screen get in dust very easily .I've tired to keep the body clean and keep it in the pouch as much as I can,but nothing helps.Not a big deal though... Hope mine can last at least 3years.
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How much of an improvement does the GAME module make?-Is it worth the money?

I can't seem to find that much info about it.


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You can also order the HM-801 from Headroom, who are based in the US (Montana) and are authorized dealers.


As for the GAME amp card, I think it's a good purchase if you listen to the HM-801 with sensitive IEMs, especially customs.  The standard amp card has too high gain for my customs, and the GAME card gives me some more wiggle room at low volumes without channel imbalance.  I don't think the GAME card sounds as good with full-size cans like my Edition 8 as the standard v.2 card though.

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so my hifiman 801 has the exact same problem as the OP now. at least the lineout works, but with such an expensive, high quality device, they should have used a more stable headphone jack

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Here are the details of a guy/company we have used to repair a completely defunct ITALIAN PCB!!!!


The service and repair and timescales were excellent and NOTHING was too much trouble - 6 months on the PCB is working perfectly!



Greasley Electronics Ltd

The Springboard Centre

Mantle Lane



LE67 3DW



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