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Fosgate Signature Headphone Amp

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Pretty nice looking tube amp.





They have the description backwards though.  The phono stage is on the right, the headphone amp is on the left.

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Hmmm...I live near there.  I should go check that thing out.

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Yes please go check it out and report back to us!

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sorry, posted in the wrong thread.

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Looks like this is finally being released: 





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Looks like a nice hybrid design. Somewhat pricy though. I would have to A/B it if possible with the other amps in the $1000 category if it was at a meet.

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Originally Posted by Golden Monkey View Post

Hmmm...I live near there.  I should go check that thing out.

8 months later...


Did you ever have a chance to audition the Fosgate amp?

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Originally Posted by haarvi View Post

8 months later...


Did you ever have a chance to audition the Fosgate amp?


He is probably still checking it out.... popcorn.gif

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I had the pleasure of listening to the Fosgate Signature headphone Amp with Fostex TH900 Headphones at JS Audio in Bethesda, MD.  I was there to demo a Meridian Explorer DAC and the aesthetic of the Fosgate made me inquire about it and the sales guy was very excited to demo the setup.

He selected some very specific music (Pink Floyd - Money, Beck - Lost Cause, and another artist performing a binaural recording demo).


I think the Fosgate is a bit militant in appearance, but also warm at the same time. (reminds me of a wheatstone bridge they had on display at my radar school in the Navy).  I'm going to return to listen to the setup with my own cans (Sennheiser HD380) as I'm sure the Fostex TH900's probably influenced the experience (at $1999 - I sure hope they would!!!).


I hate to use the clich'e that this experience has changed my life.. but, after hearing that setup I now definitively know that there is a difference in digital audio presentation and I am left wanting as I listen to my simple Mac Book Pro output :-(  And NO - JS Audio will not take Kidneys in on trade - I asked.

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I just bought this amp. I have no idea how this jewel slipped through the cracks. There are no professional reviews online to speak of (Stereophile, I'm looking at you!). If you own a pair of HD800s, you NEED this amp! It is a match made in heaven. I thought the bass boost would be a great feature and it is! What surprised me was the "Surround" circuit feature: it's incredible. I don't feel like I have to change cans or tubes or cables to get the right balance when my listening mood changes. Flip a switch an voila! just right. I will post a full review with details later but suffice it to say that HD800 owners: your ship has come in! Try it out!
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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

For anyone who might be interested:


I agree with most of this review. The only thing I would not agree with is the author's comment about tube rolling. I tried three different NOS pair of tubes (Mullard long plate, Mullard short plate, and a pair of Mazdas -all 12AX7s) and a pair of Psvane 12AX7-Ts (their best 12AX7). The differences were very pronounced. The Psvanes sounded best overall (though the Mullard short plates had the best soundstage).

I have tried tube, SS, and hybrid amps with my HD800s and the Fosgate is the best match for my taste. You get the 95% of the detail and precision of SS amps, 95% of the extension and nuance of an OTL amp, and the glorious midrange (if not quite the same depth of soundstage) of an all tube amp. I highly recommend this amp to HD800 (or HD650/600/598) owners.
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I also agree with the review, it's a great amp, especially with my Grado GS1000i. An excellent synergy: dynamic, precise, fast, very, very detailed, but it still shows the whole picture in beautiful colours. It tames the somewhat shouty treble that one hears on other amps when using the GS1k. I also agree that it doesn't work good with my Audeze LCD2. Somehow the Fosgate seems to be a reverse Bakoon: great with Grado, bad with Audeze. Bakoons, to my ears, are the opposite.
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Anyone else have experience with this amp?  I am curious about it.  I wonder how it would do with my Fostex TH-900s???

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I disagree heavily with that review. I've tried this with LCD-3s and it drives them really well. The bass boost and surround effects are great. Make everything sound much more natural.
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