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Originally Posted by dyrdevil View Post

Hi guys,


I know this thread is a bit old.  Can somebody confirm if the U3 outputs it's dsp effects/DH/ etc. over the S/PDIF output?


Looking for solutions to run virtual surround to my external DAC and headphones without adding an internal pcie card.



Yes it does, same as Xonar Essence, I run digital out with dolby headphone on to a DAC from both. Dolby effects are concocted in the digital phase of processing.

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Since I happen to own the U3 I'll throw in my thoughts as well:


- Has a neutral and pleasing signature (to my ears) with a slight focus on bass

- Sounds good at lower listening volumes but can't compete against desktop DACs (e.g. Essence One) at louder volumes.

- The features it comes with (especially Dobly Headphone) are a great way to explore the possibilities of headphone audio.

- The major drawbacks I can think of are no ASIO support and a slight delay compared to my onboard soundcard (noticeable in extremely fast-paced games only though.)


All in all, it's easy to recommend over almost any notebook onboard solution.

I don't really have similar devices to compare it to but as far as I am concerned it can certainly hold it's own against the audioengine D1 for example.

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The U3 is great for the price. Great paired with my surface pro and aurvana in ear 3. It have a slight bass boost, but very good and neutral. A very tiny small amount of hiss when using a low impedance earphone. So far I haven't experienced any driver issues with windows 8.1. 


I have yet to try the creative go pro, but since creative did not state headphone amp as a selling a point, I choice the U3. For the same size, probably the firefly will be better, but then again it cost 3X. 


Definitely recommend it if you need a extremely portable DAC amp.  

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I'm using it just plug and play without installing any drivers with my Senn HD 600s.

Volume is set to only 10% and it's plenty loud for me.

The sound can be described as airy but dry. That's okay with me. Can't take too much midrange nowadays.

This is in contrast to the sound of the Audioengine D1 with the same pair of headphones. The D1 has a more colored sound which I find fatiguing in a short time.

Talk about the price difference and hardware specs between the two. haha.

I'm ready to give away the D1. Gotta find a more neutral sounding DAC.

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Can an external amp be connected to it?
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Double post please delete.

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Originally Posted by apaar123 View Post

Can an external amp be connected to it?

If it outputs 2V line output sure you can.
And frankly no one should buy it if it isn't at least capable of delivering 2V unless you are on the top 10% with most sensitive ears and headphones.

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