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Originally Posted by dyrdevil View Post

Hi guys,


I know this thread is a bit old.  Can somebody confirm if the U3 outputs it's dsp effects/DH/ etc. over the S/PDIF output?


Looking for solutions to run virtual surround to my external DAC and headphones without adding an internal pcie card.



Yes it does, same as Xonar Essence, I run digital out with dolby headphone on to a DAC from both. Dolby effects are concocted in the digital phase of processing.

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Since I happen to own the U3 I'll throw in my thoughts as well:


- Has a neutral and pleasing signature (to my ears) with a slight focus on bass

- Sounds good at lower listening volumes but can't compete against desktop DACs (e.g. Essence One) at louder volumes.

- The features it comes with (especially Dobly Headphone) are a great way to explore the possibilities of headphone audio.

- The major drawbacks I can think of are no ASIO support and a slight delay compared to my onboard soundcard (noticeable in extremely fast-paced games only though.)


All in all, it's easy to recommend over almost any notebook onboard solution.

I don't really have similar devices to compare it to but as far as I am concerned it can certainly hold it's own against the audioengine D1 for example.

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The U3 is great for the price. Great paired with my surface pro and aurvana in ear 3. It have a slight bass boost, but very good and neutral. A very tiny small amount of hiss when using a low impedance earphone. So far I haven't experienced any driver issues with windows 8.1. 


I have yet to try the creative go pro, but since creative did not state headphone amp as a selling a point, I choice the U3. For the same size, probably the firefly will be better, but then again it cost 3X. 


Definitely recommend it if you need a extremely portable DAC amp.  

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