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People who have heard the new Sony speakers have said they sound great.  That said, I'm not going to rush out and trade in my B&W N800 Signatures...

I think your a Magicro kind of guy Rob but I have heard and like the 800 you have. That said you may want to listen to the new maggie 3.7 coming out as you have amps to drive them. I have yet to hear any speaker at any price as transparent as Maggie. But you have a world class speaker and you probably use it sparingly as I was doing with my maggie since I got hooked on low wattage amps and headphones. I would rather not buy Sony products if I can help it.

For me its the Wilson Audio Watt/puppy.  One time I was startled by thinking Holy Cole was singing behind me when one of the salesman played one of her song without telling me.