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For Sale: FS: Ultimate Ears UE Custom Case Limited Edition

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$1 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
FS: Ultimate Ears UE Custom Case Limited Edition

Will Ship To: USA

I am doing some cleaning out of the collection of some various goodies.


1) JH Audio Custom Carbon Fiber Cases - I have two of these in the same condition as I received them in. - Sold..



2) Ultimate Ears Custom Case - I have one of the older, silver cases for travel purposes. It is of higher quality than the newer black cases that UE sells.  I am selling for $50 shipped.



3) iPod LOD - Made by Barqy. High-Quality, low profile. Perfect for your iPod.  Does not work with the 2/3/4G Touch.  Works with the 1G Touch, 6G iPod and lower and probably some others.  Only tried it with a 5G, 5.5G, 6G iPod, and 1G Touch. Excellent condition.   - Sold..



4) iQube LOD - Made by SACD Man - Very high-quality LOD for an iQube/iPod/iMod combo.  The cable is a wonderful hybrid silver/gold made specifically for the iQube & iMod or iPod.  The cable is stiff but in place perfectly to mate these two components. (iQube and iPod/iMod) I do not believe there are caps in the dock but it works perfectly and was designed with each the iPod and iMod in mind.  I have used with several different iMods and iPods and the sound is something of beauty. Excellent condition.    - Sold..


5) Grado 1/4" to 1/8" Adapters - brand new - never used. Excellent condition   - Sold..


6) Grado Hard Case With Strap & Pockets - (AKA a 'B Case' or 'Taiwan Grado Case')  - Very good condition. Not really a hard case as is soft-like but protects your Grado phones perfectly up to the MS2's.  Will not fit the RS/PS/GS series phones..  - Sold..


7) JL Audio Tweeters - taken from old car system.  I only had them a few weeks before I traded in the car and removed the stereo.  I paid around $150 for them and have no idea to worth currently.  They look a little worse-for-wear, however, with some careful cleaning, I think would shine up like new.  Low hours on them.  Worked perfectly last time I used them.  - Sold..

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Still have a few items left, see above for details.

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Check PM Please.

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I'm interested in a JH Audio case if you still have one.

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