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For Trade: FT: IEM tips - Sony Hybrids, Monster, Hifiman

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For Trade:
FT: IEM tips - Sony Hybrids, Monster, Hifiman

Will Trade For: IEM tips
Will Ship To: Anywhere


If you found your Sennheiser biflanges or medium gray UE buds to not be the right size for you, then perhaps I may have the right size you are looking for.  In exchange I just want a pair of small gel Supertips (third-smallest more precisely) or a pair of medium gray UE buds (like the ones on TF10).  I would be willing to consider Jays tips and stock Shure buds as well (not olives or foamies or anything).


I've got:


1 pair extra small Sony hybrids (red)

1 pair small Sony Hybrids (orange)

1 pair medium Sony Hybrids (teal)

1 pair large Monster gel Supertips

1 pair extra small Monster gel Supertips (I don't know if these come stock with the MTP's lately, but I received them from Monster directly)


If you like any of the regular stock Monster tips (that come with the Pros) I've got those, too. (1 pair small buds left)


My stock Hifiman tips are up for trade as well (1 pairs large biflange, 2 pairs small biflange, 2 pairs small buds, 2 pairs large buds)


They're all unused.


Also, 2 pairs Complys that came with TF10.

Edit:  I forgot to mention, 1 large pair UE gray buds and 1 pair UE small buds, I'd be willing to trade them for mediums or Jays tips.



Will post anywhere, just PM me.



Thank you for looking.



Hybrids and supers:








Stock tips:




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I've got some medium Silicone ones from the TF10 i'd swap you for your XS supertip or small sony hybrids?

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Sure.  =]

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