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Best Video Game Soundtracks

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I love video game music, it makes me feel nostalgic haha.


I definitely love any Nobuo Uematsu soundtrack, the Metal Gear Series, and Mass Effect.


Its often overlooked I feel, but what do you guys think are some of the best video game soundtracks?


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Call of Duty: MW2 has a good soundtrack.

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What about Devil may cry soundtracks? they are insane. 

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Some stuff that comes to mind...


- Drammatica: The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura (various games)


- A bunch of stuff from OCRemix.org including Delta Q Delta (Doom ][), The Dark Side of Phobos (Doom), Summoning of Spirits (Tales of Phantasia/Symphonia)


- Some of the early Rainbow Six games had CD tracks on the game discs themselves


- Baldur's Gate sountrack


- Icewind Dale soundtrack


(edit) Oh how can I forget: Medal of Honor series

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VVVVVV soundtrack is great.

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The soundtracks i love the most are from the Need for speed series, specially the ones on "Most wanted"

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Silent Hill series.  


Silent Hill 3 is very well recorded.  Its movie used a lot of tracks from that album.  

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Mass Effect.

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I would like to add the command and conquer tracks are cool.......soundtrack cd's were included with some versions.

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Believe it or not, Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX, and the first Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

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Alan Wake


Assassins Creed 2


Lost Odyssey

Final Fantasy 13

Final Fantasy 10: Piano Collections

Halo Reach


All great.

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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory - Amon Tobin

Timeline - Bill Brown

Simcity 4 - Jerry Martin

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Xenogears, Creid (Xenogears Image Album), Chrono Trigger, and Chrono Cross by Yasunori Mitsuda


the .hack//GU series also had some really good songs

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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Originally Posted by Yoga Flame View Post

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night



Also, Dracula Battle Perfect Selection 1 and 2. for awesome Castlevania rock remixes.


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