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Care to identify these?

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Hey guys,


I have been using these buds for awhile as my "cheap workout phones".  I have never identified them, I thought maybe you guys could do me a favor and maybe ID these.  They came in a cloth bag... I don't remember exactly how I obtained them, but it may have been with a laptop purchase about 4 years ago.


Also, I accidentally washed (AND dried) these with a load of laundry (clearly don't baby these like all of my other equipment) and it doesn't seem to have affected the sonics at all!  Of course, I didn't preemptively take note of the sound in an analytical manner before washing them... I just didn't notice anything substantial.


Apparently they're washable headphones.




Let me know guys!  Thanks.

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That is a creative which as the same as sennheiser cx30 or 300
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Creative EP-630 earphones. I've done a fake comparison.

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So its a remodeled OEM phone? Sennehiser did not design the CX300.

Originally Posted by mcnoiserdc View Post

That is a creative which as the same as sennheiser cx30 or 300
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Creative EP630. It doesn't sound the same as Senn. CX300 btw. If your laptop is a Dell, then it probably did come with the laptop as Dell sent a lot of EP630 out with their PC a few years back.

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Take in to consideration that this is a generic casing that fostex used for their IEM´s for a while,

its shared between the Razer M100, Creative EP630, Sharp MD66, sennhaiser CX300 and i even seen it being used on some 3,99€ carrefur brand iem´s.

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