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Best version is the Japanese Black Triangle CD. If you can't find that version, get the SACD version. wink_face.gif

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I did check out the Japanese Black Triangle version (FLAC), which sounds like a very smooth, mellow and warm mix.  Maybe I'm not 'audiophile' enough, but I can't decide whether I like the MFSL version or the Black Triangle version better.  I can certainly hear the difference in both versions, but just can't rank one above the other.  I was constantly switching back and forth from Black Triangle version running on foobar and the MFSL disc playing through WMP.  The best I can describe it is the BT version seemed to have a more warm, natural analog sound, while the MFSL seemed to have a more enhanced, clean, and ultra hi-fi stereo sound if that makes sense. 


Now I will say that I was completely and utterly blown away by the SACD version.  You really haven't truly experienced this album until you've heard it in surround sound.  To say the music "comes alive" would be an understatement.  I literally sat in my listening sweet spot with eyes closed, smiling from ear to ear, immersed for all of 43 minutes in pure audio ecstasy.  I was transported through a vast soundscape, experiencing something that was both all too familiar, yet so different as I explored the intricate details of this finely woven sonic tapestry.  The music penetrated my mind, body and soul, elevating me to a higher level of appreciation and understanding for this genius work of music.  IMO, short of going back in time and being in the actual studio when this album was recorded, there's no better way to experience this album.    


BTW, I'm listening to the Black Triangle version right now.  smily_headphones1.gif



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keep in mind a lossless rip of the black triangle version more than likely has not had any deemphasis applied (and the disc does indeed use preemphasis)

i have this on an original US vinyl pressing, a cassette copy, and the hybrid SACD (don't have SACD player at the moment)... (as well as lossless rips of the black triangle and mfsl CDs)

my favorite is the black triangle
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The lossless rip I got is supposedly the de-emphasized version.  Certainly sounds de-emphasized to me, but I don't have a "pre-emphasized" version to compare it to.  lol 

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(-_-)" so far I am listening to the FLAC version of this great album.


can anyone please show me which or where is the exact different between the different mastering as I'm curios ?

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EDIT:  Found a Harvest black face disc (which I guess is the same mastering as the Black Triangle) and I think it sounds a little better than any of the other releases.  It doesn't sound like there is a bit of compression done to it.


My dad has the '92 CD and I think it sounds decent.  The 2011 remasters sound a little loud by comparison to the other versions.

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