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So, the $170 massdrop deal is just about over. At first it seemed to only be for the coiled cable version (which I'm not interested in), but now it is for either the coiled or the straight cable. So now I have to conjure up my powers of resistance again. Let's see... it would work out to $221CN - do I want to spend that kinda money right now? What else... oh yeah, I recall the clamping really bugged me after a while. Ok, so the resistance is working for the moment. As long as none of you punks respond and try to convince me to get them, I might get through the next 8 hours!

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Don't ask us to talk you out of it, because you should have it....

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Just picked up pair--finally--of these.

Maybe the DT-1350 will restore my faltering confidence in Beyerdynamic.

[I have not liked the DT880/250 ohm, the DT770/600 ohm, DT990/600 ohm or the Tesla T-1.  The last set of Beyers liked were the DT880/600 ohm.  The last set of Beyers I really liked were the DT880/203 version.] 

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