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I agree that additional power is necessary to drive them to their full potential. I have used the iBasso D-Zero quite successfully with my DT1350s for about a year. Its quite an effective compact combination. I have also recently acquired a Practical Devices XM6 primarily for my HD700's. The XM6 scales up nicely even though they do not need all of the gain the XM6 provides.

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Wow, I totally disagree that they need an amp. Although I find they scale with an amp, I use my 1350s straight from my iPhone the majority of the time and couldn't be happier. 

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Hmm... Whilst their good FR with does not suffer from a less powerful source such as the iPhone I found their dynamics to have diminished to a point where I'd rather listen to one of my IEMs.
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While they do scale with better sources I don't consider an amp necessary for portable use. No problem when fed by an iPhone (4/4S/5).

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I just can't be bothered listening to anything with these from an iPhone, but that probably goes for any headphone. Bring a quality portable DAC/amp and I'm happy, however I'm glad other people can get away without additional equipment.


ADD: Actually the T5p are okay straight from the iPhone.

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Interesting point: I found the T5p a bit lacking when driven by an iPhone. Not unusable but not my first choice either. I'm using the DT1350 almost daily when away from my desk and would never consider taking an amp with me... preferences can obviously differ quite a bit ;-)

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I find that both the T5p and DT-1350 can be driven OK by the iPhone 5 but both of them become much more alive with an amplifier. Specially the soundstage gets wider with an amplifier. So it is a matter of convenience and how much gear I want to drag with me in my bag. I only use the T5p at home or indoor and always have an amplifier available. 

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T5p are a bit strange, they seem to eek the most out of iphone/ipod etc. Personally I can't listen happily without HP-P1 or better now, I'm spoiled for ever. DT1350 is thoroughly boring without at least a quality amplifier. There must be better choices for direct from an iphone/ipod like device for the same money as DT1350? Maybe this is where Beats come into the picture?

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To my taste they are far from boring, even out of an iPhone (which is not a bad source IMO). Maybe you'll want to take a look at the Momentum or the M100? Beats -- not so much.

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To my taste they are far from boring, even out of an iPhone (which is not a bad source IMO). Maybe you'll want to take a look at the Momentum or the M100? Beats -- not so much.


Could be the combination of background noise while traveling and out of iPhone that makes me give up. Yes, the V-moda could be just the ticket if no amp is on the horizon. DT1350 if you plan to amp in the future and can enjoy a new headphone between now and then, and brace for performance increase when that amp shows up.

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I tried listening from iPhone/iPod touch direct, I gave up. Sound is poor. Dt1350 needs quality amp and source.

Whereas I use them 5 days a week with a Clip+ and think they sound fine. Please audition them for yourself and make up your own mind. Neither that experience ^^^ nor my experience should cause you to not buy or buy them. 


For what it's worth, I have a larger head and wear glasses and haven't had problems with the fit or ear pain.

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Another reason why the clamp doesn't bother me all that much is because the ear pads do a great job at keeping my ears nice and cool. That's one aspect of certain phones that drives me nuts (e.g. theSennheiser 518s). If my ears start overheating or perspiring, it makes the whole experience uncomfortable. Beyer did a great job with whatever material they use on these pads, though, cause even with the clamping pressure I still stay cool and comfortable. 

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Enjoying mine straight from an ipod, iphone, and ipad. Great for movies with the ipad. Better with a portable amp but by itself...also good. The clamping does not bother me either. Then again, you can try it and be the judge of that.

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I think the need of amping these mostly depends on the ablity to hear the diffefence and/or the level of contentment of the user. For what it's worth, I'm not very happy with it paired with a J3 alone. But when I hook up an E17 with it, everything seems right. Much bigger sounding, better liw extension (no, I don't use EQ on the J3/E17). With the J3 alone, they have that hollow sounding kinda weak low end and lacks instrument separation. They definitely need an amp to perform extraordinarily. But to make them loud, even an ipod nano could.
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They sound mediocre and muddy out of my Nexus 4 & 7 especially the low end

But they sound AMAZING straight out of my Sansa Clip IMO, without any amping.

With E17 added a little better perhaps but barely noticable, only bother carting it around if I want to use the bass boost from E17 EQ


These are exceptional portable, studio & monitoring headphones.

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