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Anyone carry these yet? The T50p were a frustrating HP with flashes of brilliance (mine were an early pair). A more balanced-sounding version with the same fine detailing and comfort would be nice.



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Now we're talking:


"The sound has been especially adjusted for professional use; natural and balanced sound, while the T 50 p has a little enhancement in bass and treble." (Beyer rep courtesy rasmushorn)


Can't wait to see the first DT1350 / DT48 comparison.

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More information on the DT1350 from Beyer


I hope Peter Grooff (Production Manager Beyer) will forgive me for translating some of his comments made on yesterday. One member asked when it would be available:


"As soon as we have it ready in stock. Probably at the end of February."


Another member asked: "Can one expect a neutral tuning like the T50P? With which existing model is the sound signature comparable? Is the DT1350 despite its 80 ohm impedance suitable for iPhone/iPod?"


Grooff's answer:


"The tuning is totally different from the T50P and cannot be compared to any other model. We have tuned the DT1350 independently from all other models. Very neutral with a high degree of transparency. Despite 80 ohm it can be used with an iPhone or iPod. Thanks to our Tesla technology, the efficiency is of such a magnitude that the headphone can be driven very well by an iPhone or iPod."


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does anybody know if the T1's highs and lows are boosted in the same manner as the t50p's are ?

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Similar, but different.


Beyer T1 & T50P frequency response.jpg

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Has anybody heard these yet?

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Originally Posted by EYEdROP View Post

This 1350 seems nice but something about the construction and portability make it not seem like what a true studio monitor should be. 


I want to see an update to the DT-48.

I'm still in learning mode on my "new" DT-48E, so I am curious about what an update should be. What would you like to change, in order of priority?
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Found this very short video of someone who thinks they sound a bit like the DT770, not sure how credible he is. He comments on their isolation properties very favourably.


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I have some friends that went to NAMM and they were saying you couldn't hear anything in there. Maybe if these give any sound at all in that setting, it's a plus. I eagerly await the team Beyer guys to get their hands on these.

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Took the plunge and ordered mine yesterday. 2-4 week wait now... Agh. As soon as they show up I'll share a few impressions as to how they compare to my HD25-1 II.

Part of me is excited, but I'm also feeling guilty, I love my HD25s, they've been everywhere with me. They were my first "real" headphones, oh sweet newbie love.
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Do tell us all about them when they arrive and after you have spent a lengthy time with them.


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Well, after seeing that these existed I too ordered these.

Hopefully it won't actually take 2-4 weeks for them to ship.


Hooray for being a guinea pig!

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An update, on Friday I sent an email to inquiring about the sound isolation on the DT1350 as compared to the HD25 (I use the HDs for monitoring audio capture in noisy enviros quite often and this is particularly important for me.) By Saturday my enthusiasm had taken hold so I jumped the gun and ordered, as mentioned above. This morning I received the following from Peter at Beyer;

"The DT 1350 is indeed very similar to the HD 25-II, although the isolation of ambient noise is about 23 dBA, which is slightly better than the Sennheiser. "

"Also the fit is slightly more solid, partly due to the metal construction instead of the plastic of the HD 25."

"They will soon be shipped and I hope (I am almost sure of it!) that the DT 1350 is to your absolute satisfaction."

These will be my first Beyers and so far we're off to a good start with prompt customer service.
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Very nice.  =]

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Wow! Why don't they just call this what it is: The t50p: We fixed it!


... potentially.

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