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I read somewhere that the loudness crap first started when someone figured out that if a song is louder than other songs on the radio, people would notice it and be more likely to buy it. But since nearly everyone is doing that, they are all too loud which defeats the original intent. There are very few people who are willing to record at normal levels and have better sonics with Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree and T- Bone Burnett being 2. 

Loudness crap started with commercials.

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Loudness crap started with commercials.

Indeed it did, and it drives me crazy.
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I often find that Jazz and Classical remasters are still mostly perfect in most regards which is nice. It is the big bands that are great ones that have been totally borked. Check out REM's Fables of the Reconstruction remaster for something that clearly went overboard.

They went to the hilt with Murmur and the next one and they honestly sounded quite good despite more compression. But a new guy came in for Fables and just drenched the damn thing. Awful. Near heresy. I just cannot deal with it so by stealing it I feel better or something though I still look at it like the plague lol.

If anybody cares you can check out many many new albums and old ones at:

VERY COOL sight where you can see what many of your favorite artists are doing to their stuff. I am amazed at some records.

I think NIN's The Fragile is about the only DR6 recording I can listen to. His PHM remaster went overboard though and sounds pretty bad imho and that is because the source material was not meant to be that compressed if you ask me.
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My CSP2+ tube amp is a linear sounding tube amp. The best way to describe it is solid state clarity but with natural tonal timbre and decays which can only come from tubes rather than solid state.


Yes, the DT880 is quite clear and detailed and neutral too. I was (and still am) happy with it.

However, after I plugged in my DT1350, I was rather taken aback by the significant (at least in my setup) increase in sonic clarity.

I'm speaking in relative terms.


Not sure if you have tube rolled any PCC88/ECC88 tubes before?

By way of analogy, some PCC88/ECC88 tubes are very clear and linear sounding.

However, after rolling a higher spec E88CC tube from the same manufacturer, one realises that there was a sonic veil all along.


Just wondering if any others out there have experienced the same thing?


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Hmmmm, I'm not sure I have enough listening experience under my belt to make that comparison.  Plus, I'm listening to a solid state amp v. your tube amp which is going to cause different colorations to the sound.


In general, I find the DT880 to be quite clear and detailed.  Perhpas not quite as sharp or detailed as the 1350, but I wouldn't call the difference night and day by any means.  However, I really need more time to compare them properly on my new amp.  I feel like the Asgard finally has me hearing the 880s as they were intended to sound which has me really excited and they've gotten a lot more headtime on the new amp so far.  The differences with the 1350 (old amp v. new amp) didn't appear quite as dramatic. 


Maybe I'll have some time over the next couple of days for some A/B testing.

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Here is the latest correction curve. I seem to be leaning towards more sparkle nowadays.

DT1350 sounds pretty balanced but off and less natural without the equalization.


(Referenced to 500 Hz)



Amperior is closer to my ideal signature, but sounds lowpassed and less controlled in the bass.

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Because it is. My DT's sound wonderful to the point I have not one sparkle of interest in the Amperiors. Things are ugly as hell.

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Hey guys,


I've finally uploaded my DT1350 video review. I was originally going to add titles and other effects but decided not to in the end. Simpler is better.


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As always a pleasure to view your video reviews Zombie_X normal_smile%20.gif

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I don't listen to much hip-hop but The Roots Do You Want More totally rocks on these things and has some perfectly toned bass beats. You got to love Roots man! Crushing beats.

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As always a pleasure to view your video reviews Zombie_X normal_smile%20.gif I like the budgies in the background!

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Glad you like the videos! The budgies names are Gertrude, Gretchen, and Hanns. All German names, just like my heritage!


Originally Posted by kiwirugby View Post I like the budgies in the background!

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I think we Germans are predisposed to love either Sennheiser, beyerdynamic, or Ultrasone....or all three 

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It is true. And Kraftwerk.

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It is true. And Kraftwerk.


lol, definitely

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I'm not German, but I think the best speaker maker in the world is Von Schweikert biggrin.gif

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