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The newer versions of the T50p has the same flatter pads.  My first pair had the deeper/thicker ones, Beyer USA replaced them after the right driver died, and the ones they sent back are the newer ones.  Much better...more comfort, easier to seat, and helps with the pickiness of placement immensely.

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Just try change the least two numbers in the address. 


For example:[]=2761   to[]=2759



Wow. I never knew that before. Thanks!

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No prob!  I should also mention that the older ones were more of a roundy shape to them, and had a smaller opening over the driver, whereas the new ones are not only flatter but wider with a larger opening and are softer, so they manage to cover more of the ear more efficiently.  They can also be purchased as replacement pads through Beyer.

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Hi @ll. The DT1350 has a little bit more pressure and a shorter Headband compared to the first T50p versions. Also the headband (metal,covered by plastic parts, not plastic completely!) is split and can be opened (similar to the HD25 headband). The earpads are the new ones which are also used with the actual T50p Delivery, But the systems are improved in sound after the feedbacks and experiences, the "overall" sound of the DT1350 is more balanced but as detailed as it could be from bass to highs :-), Open, airy and really enjoyable, even at very high volumes.

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DT1350_split headband.jpg


Here is a picture with the headband opened up.

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Sounds awesome! I looked at the T50p because I currently have no portable headphones, and the sound just wasn't there. I'll have to try a pair of these to see the improvement.
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They look very nice. Can't wait to hear how they sound, especially in comparison to the HD25-1.

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Okay, now we know for sure that this is aimed at the same market as the HD25. Obviously the Tesla driver is versatile, as it's appeared in at least four designs now.

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I was going to email Beyer to recommend that they make something similar to T50p but more DJ/studio friendly...thanks for reading my mind, Beyer!


I expect these to be incredibly clear and detailed like the other 2 Tesla drivers I've heard. I hope they have made the cable more robust than the T50p.

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Listening impressions, pecholies of the trade?

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Well frak, there's goes my "No headphones for a while" plan. I gotta keep an eye on these. Smaller headband = yes please, I'm not Roger the Alien!

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DT 1350 looks just as great as the T50p. Asking Beyerdynamic what the differences between T50p and the new DT 1350 is they answered:


From the technical side the driver of the DT 1350 headphones has been re-engineered for higher maximum sound level (129 dB). The sound has been especially adjusted for professional use; natural and balanced sound, while the T 50 p has a little enhancement in bass and treble.

I hope this helps.
I like the new headband.
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ooooooh yes ! just in time as i was about to re-purchase a pair of T50p. 

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Looks interesting.



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