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For Sale: JH13 Pro

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For Sale:
JH13 Pro

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I want to ask if someone want to buy these little babies with original accessories. Give me a price and i will see:)I consider to buy JH16 - JH-3A.



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How does $600 sounds?

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$600 sounds reasonable.  I bought my first pair of used JH13s for $600.  I'm also considering buying these as a back up pair since I love them so much.  Let me know if you're willing to sell if the first poster doesn't want them.  

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maybe 650$???:)

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Are these still available?

Where did you get your ear impressions done and for how much? Would I have to send these back to JH Audio (USA) to get a remold?


Thank you in advance!

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Originally Posted by madtone11 View Post


Would I have to send these back to JH Audio (USA) to get a remold?

JHA do not do re-molds. There are a lot of members here who swear by Unique Melody to do their remolds. Check out the appreciation thread here:

There are also other companies that provide the service.

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