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USPS changed its pricing and package API creating a major problem with our site. In fact you are not able to check out because of this. This is across the industry and many are trying to integrate USPS pricing into their cart. Some with success while others have to build the proper tools to accept this new API.


We do not have a solution as of yet and will be forced to use UPS. This is a good thing on many levels however bad in one area; price. Its more costly to use UPS, but has better service. 



Because of this, I will be reducing my prices to help offset the cost of shipping. My costs are increasing however I do not want people to be impacted by the cost fully.


In the meantime, you can manually order by either emailing:




We just got back form CES so we are very behind on emails. Please do not hesitate to email us since TWag v2 is shipping and all of my products will be updated with the new wire. This also includes the AMAZING TWag v2 OM!!!! Shipping in 4-5 weeks (most likely less).