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What is my next step in (Mid) HiFi?

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This is a general question that's why it is in the full size forum.



I have a uDac>Asgard>K702 setup. I don't really like the K702's. Also I THINK I want something portable. Help me out please.


I was thinking of replacing my uDac with a DAP because I would have something portable and a better DAC. I am considering the S:Flo2 and HM601 (used for the sake of shipping). I would use the DAP and my amp at home.

Also I would want to get rid of my K702's and get either portable cans or IEM's in the sub $200 range. I was thinking TF10's or HD 25-1 II's.


Would this be an improvement? Is this a good idea?

Is the HM601 worth it? Can it drive full size cans like the K702? What about the S:Flo2?

What portable under $200 would sound the best. I don't have too much of a preference of sound signatures, I just don't like the K702 (too sparkly) or SR225i (same reason).


There are too many options, but not enough for my budget. I really don't want to spend any extra money outside of me selling. I think I could get $200 for my K702's and $70 for the uDac. So $270 is my budget for a DAP for portable and home, and headphones/IEM's. 


Thank you.

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For budget of $270. I would just get a clip+/fuze 8gb + 16gb microsd + tf10/tma-1/hd 25-1/esw9/*    any of the set up will pretty much eat up a majority of your budget...    I would go either with the tf10 or tma-1, both of which I own...

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