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Maybe interested in selling C4?
Just registered yesterday to post these comments:)
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that's the truth to that.

let the dap/item speak for itself.


if its good...it will sell.

if its not, then do something about it.

maybe you should sell something better then.



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If you read all my posts, on various forums, you would see that I also comment on headphones and other players e.g. QLS 350. I also post regarding file quality. Fact is, many people post on these forums without any 'hands on experience'. I've had my C4s for a long time now and believe I have a right to comment.  The C4 in my view has, to some extent been a victim, of ill informed postings. Just read the comments re the face plate from people who have not even held it.

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And HM-801 works as USB card as well.

Originally Posted by kostalex View Post

801 is the best. C4 DAC is more digitally sounding, amp is weaker and has bass roll-off.


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I had both. They sound quite well.

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@elcrazo, i suggest you do a simple review about the dap...to correct some thinking of people here.

if you really like it...you should share about it by doing something right.

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Any more impressions from Colorfly C4 owners out there?

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After reading papagano's comparison of the two players, I suspect that most of us would be happy with either player. For me, the clincher is the 801's modularity, particularly the balanced amp module with TRRS connection for my 262s.

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Not to mention Rockbox, which although currently at the birthing stage shouldn't take too long to be completely stable. Superior to stock UI, gapless etc.

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After reading papagano's comparison of the two players, I suspect that most of us would be happy with either player. For me, the clincher is the 801's modularity, particularly the balanced amp module with TRRS connection for my 262s.



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I decided to buy a Colorfly C4 and give it a go. I'll be in Hong Kong in January where I can hopefully do some A/B comparisons with an HM801. 


The packaging of the Colorfly is first class. Real luxury. The wood is real and the metal plate feels like real metal to me! UI could be better but is perfectly usable. I love having both a 1/4 inch jack as well as 3.5mm. It drives HD600s comfortably. Out of the box it sounds good but I want to wait until I've had it a couple of weeks before I say more than that. 

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There is also a small comparing article of the C4 and the HM801 in the gift guide loacted here on page 39 :



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I've had my Colorfly C4 for 10 days now and I am impressed.  I do not own (but have used) an HM801 so I can not give an in depth comparison of the two.  I will say that the Colorfly C4 is all that I hoped it would be.  I've had to recode some of my highest quality 24/96 Flac to 24/192 .wav, which was no big deal.  I purchased the C4 mainly to listen to Flac at 16/44 anyway.  I can say that the upsampling of 16/44 Flac to 24bit/192kHz on-the-fly works flawlessly and sounds beautiful.  I almost did not buy the Colorfly C4 because some of the post in this thread, especially ones that said the metal/brass face was really plastic, this is absolutely NOT true, the face is metal with a brass effect finish, and at least on my C4 is flawless.  The Black Walnut backing never fails to get a "wow thats beautiful" response from those that I've let hold it.  The interface does not take long to get used to, and is intuitive after a few hours.  There is something about the esthetics of the Colorfly C4 that appeals to me, a warmth that the plastic looking HM801 lacks.  The quality of playback was essentially indistinguishable from the HM801, at least to my humble ears.  In the end, the Colorfly C4 sounds astonishing (and is a benchmark in mobile HiFi) and appealed to me (like a classic Leica camera would) in appearance and internal components.  I am a very happy C4 owner.

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For what it's worth I had the chance to compare my C4 with an 801 at Jaben Audio in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago. The winner quite clearly for me was the C4 and that seemed to be the opinion of the staff there also. Sound of the C4 was more natural somehow and the interface is better, not to mention having the ALPS volume control. Of course neither is an iBasso DX100 so probably nobody is interested! I'll be sticking with the C4 for awhile methinks. Driving my HE500s very nicely.

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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post

Not to sound harsh or anything, but I am tempted to listen to people like 3X0 who've been here a long time rather than new guys. That is a stilted line to take, but after the AMP3 fiasco where every employee of that firm came in to chime about how wonderful the AMP3 Pro was, I think Headfi should be boarded up against potential product shills. 500 hours burn in is a wonder itself, really. Either you listen that long or you burn in that long and magically overcome some barrier. Whatever the fact is, the debate about players getting better and better spins now like an old record, rubbing ever more thinly. 


I'm sure the C4 is worth admission to its potential market, but it has stiff competition from Hifiman, which despite its high price, is probably the best audiophile-marketed player. 

50 hrs is enough for electronics to turn a corner if it will. May still improve with more but 2 days is enough for a verdict.


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Hi have the Colorfly C4 more than 5 months now and my conclusion is the same

very good product
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