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Option C) Keep the iPod, get an AlgoRhythm Solo and decent amp? Be a bit taller/thicker than either the 801 or 'Fly and isn't cheap or out/reviewed properly yet, but looks a promising alternative to these high end players since you get to keep all the good stuff about the iPod (UI, battery life, e.t.c.) but with much better DAC stage and then whatever amp you'd want. Just a thought!

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Not to sound harsh or anything, but I am tempted to listen to people like 3X0 who've been here a long time rather than new guys. That is a stilted line to take, but after the AMP3 fiasco where every employee of that firm came in to chime about how wonderful the AMP3 Pro was, I think Headfi should be boarded up against potential product shills. 500 hours burn in is a wonder itself, really. Either you listen that long or you burn in that long and magically overcome some barrier. Whatever the fact is, the debate about players getting better and better spins now like an old record, rubbing ever more thinly. 


I'm sure the C4 is worth admission to its potential market, but it has stiff competition from Hifiman, which despite its high price, is probably the best audiophile-marketed player. 

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By the way, do you have the Colorfly? I got the drift that you don't own it, but that could just be my reading.

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The Colorfly doesn't have any channel imbalance at low volumes, something to think about. I think you would be very satisfied with either one, but if you like the Colorfly, I would get it. The upsampling function looks very cool. Just go for the one you really want, as they are both head and shoulders above and Ipod. I agree the Colorfly looks stunning. Have you seen the inside? It is crammed full of caps and stuff, a good thing in this case.

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any news?

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I hope for your sake that they improved the build quality on these things. The "bronze" faceplate isn't even metal!


The faceplate is metal: Zinc Alloy,with Imitation copper process, to make it feel "soft".
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I have both the Colorfly and the iPod and use them both. The iPod is good if you use iTunes to convert files to WAV and then only use it in the car (joke). I do also use the iPod in my bedroom along with a Fat Man Amp so I can use the remote control functions, it's O.K. if you're not fussed about resolution.

The Colorfly is another story. This I use for high quality listening through a custom amp and speaker set-up and normally at 24/96 setting. Quite frankly it is stunning and easily out-performs the iPod. Open, plenty of 'air' and a very wide bandwidth, beats the hell out of my Legato Link CD player (which has been upgraded).

Can't say a lot about the HiFi Man as I do not own one but I have listened to one several times and again it seems pretty good, maybe not as revealing as the Colorfly and if one considers the relative costs then it's got to be the Colorfly.

Bass v Treble ?? If it's on the recording then you will hear it all on the Colorfly and if you don't like what you hear, blame the mastering! You can always use some form of EQ. One last thing, HEADPHONES - I have a pair of Beyerdynamic Teslars which I use with the Colorfly and they sound simply stunning, an excellent match.

Please don't tell me you only listen to mp3's cos if you are then all this is a waste of time.

Anyway hope this gives you some worthwhile advice.

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Does anyone know if the colorfly c4 has a "shuffle" function? i'm very tempted to upgrade from my iPod but if i listen to Pop songs i usually like to listen to it shuffled.

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anyone know if this would max out the potential of an Edition 8?

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This will max out the potential of your Edition 8s.




Seriously, the term 'max' is somewhat out there when we are talking about sub-1K kit. I'm a long way from being an audio snob, but we probably need to keep it real, particularly when talking portable kit.

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Seeing Meridian + CD Player in the same sentence makes me cower in fear.

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Are you kidding?? The faceplate of colorfly is reall bronze
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what's with the faceplate anyway?

i dont care if a company produces a dap built in full plastic as long as it sounds GODLY, that company will have my money!

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WELL SAID, FUNCTION OVER FORM (Providing there is also durability). There is a very interesting review re HiFiman 801 v Colorfly on the Amazon U.K. site. I now have two C4's and no regrets at all. One sits permanantly now by my bedside for night time listening, the other is excellent for when I travel and also from its S/PDIF out into a custom DAC feeding a valve amp/speakers is heaven indeed. My best buy in 10 years or more.

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^why are you always replying to all C4 threads?


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