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My bet is on this one


Philips Fidelio X1


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Originally Posted by Zealand21 View Post

My bet is on this one

Philips Fidelio X1
It just looks like they're trying too hard to me. Seems like a blend between Grado and AKG, to try and target that "retro" look that is becoming popular. (similar to the Sennheiser Momentum, which I think looks bad for other reasons)
Originally Posted by Cakensaur View Post

For me it has to be RS2i
They're just too thick, and look ridiculous when anyone is wearing them.


If they were flush like the SR225 on the left of this photo, I think they would look a lot better. As it is, they look ridiculous when someone is wearing them. And I don't think much of Grado's craftsmanship at all. None of their wooden headphones are all that well finished, and I have to imagine that's why they are moving to metal for their higher-end again, as it's a lot easier to machine a nice part than it is to work with wood.

And going back to this post, referring to the Z1000:
Originally Posted by StudioSound View Post

I think they are one of the best looking headphone designs in recent years, and I would argue that the 7520 looks even better, which is unusual for Sony. I find that Sony usually gets the design of a product right the first time around, and tends to make things look worse with newer revisions until the next complete redesign comes along, but I prefer the more uniform all black look the monitors have. I think that there will be interest in the Z1000/7520 a few years from now, when people look back on the design of them retrospectively.
Here is a photo of my MDR-7520:
(I should have extended the headband a bit)

Working my way back through the "Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state" topic, I have come to appreciate the AKG K550 design more. I think it's one of the best looking headphones they've put out for a long time - but I do think they are too large, and look ridiculous on most people. Oval shaped earcups make a lot more sense than circular ones for circumaural headphones. I think they ruined the look with the K551, and from owning a pair a while back, they really need to work on their ergonomics. They don't make a good seal on a lot of people - which I suspect is actually due to the large round cups, rather than a lack of clamping force - and the headband padding was inadequate. But AKG have always had trouble designing comfortable headbands.
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HD800...it is a dauntless design.

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I agree. Looks too much like AKGs, but I think they succeeded. I like the choice of materials, lack of small plastic pieces and the headband. No bumps that need a good time of wear to soften up. Just my humble opinion though.

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I love what the shure 1840 looks like. It is glamourous to me.

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Well, looking is a matter of taste. It depends on person. If you like industrial headphones, I would suggest a German-MAESTRO GMP 8.35D Monitor. For me, it is fantastic in its own way.



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I can't make out the model of those HiFiMAN's.  Which one is it?

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What HiFiMAN's?

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My vote goes to my Vmods100 :)

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Originally Posted by soundaddicted View Post

Akg K702, HD800's and Skullcandies (just for looks) biggrin.gif

Skullcandy?! Those look flimsy and ugly IMO triportsad.gif

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Those look pretty snazzy

Originally Posted by Jerryberry View Post

My vote goes to my Vmods100 :)

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I'm starting to dig the looks of the LCD-3.


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Yes, there are headphones in this picture. biggrin.gif




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Signature DJs. 




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Originally Posted by s235310241 View Post

I love what the shure 1840 looks like. It is glamourous to me.

+1 I've always loved the look of the design. Also Beyer T1 looks wonderful to me.

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