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Yes, K550, a brand new headphone on the market.

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Originally Posted by CrazyRay View Post







That's some beautiful work !


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Originally Posted by daveDerek View Post

all of the above are wrong! the answer is Darth Beyers. Larry @ Headphile has made some gorgeous cans over the years. to see how some of these look browse this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/205806/post-pics-of-your-darth-beyers


Ditto here. I own a pair and they are indeed nice! Darth Beyers is the way to go....deepens the sound too so I wear them when I want that particular emphasis. dt880smile.png


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Those are incredible.eek.gif

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i throw my vote in for the ultrasone ed8, the palladium version looks pretty killer but i think the original has a nice look as well

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Originally Posted by CrazyRay View Post

Very beautiful work of art!

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Originally Posted by Xoria View Post



I think the Zino looks much better. I used it as an accessory but I gave it to a love affair. Miss them. Both. Haha.

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The beyerdynamic DT1350 looks awesome, the better looking portable I've had/seen.

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I really like how the Ultrasone edition 8 looks. Man they are so expensive....

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Originally Posted by Redcarmoose View Post

Image - K550 (3D View on black 05).jpgImage - K550 (3D View on black 02).jpg




They can close this thread now.


Not sure about that but I am ready to open my wallet. Just the look alone that's worth $600.00.

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I have to pick these over my W5000 and the Denon AHA100. hd4bea1.jpg

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These custom Beyers are quite nice:




I also like the Audez'e LCD-2:




It has quite a presence.



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Originally Posted by Costia View Post


I could have bought those as a shop in Bend Oregon...


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I would have to say some of the modded grados I have seen look pretty freakin good.  I also love the retro look of my 335is.  But the best looking headphone for me is Klipsch's noise cancelling model that is coming out soon.  I'll have to really see them in person though but the pictures look gorgeous.


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