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AT PRO700 GD, best looking headphone ever IMO

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Originally Posted by ffdpmaggot View Post

The beyer T1s are pretty nice. Somebody in my school brought in a pair of AD700s today, they aren't attractive, but a different color grill would make them look pretty good.

You mean like these:








Or these:



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keanex, the second one looks sweet biggrin.gif

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I dig the second pair, are those the ad900s?

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They're all Ad700 modded.

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How did you do that mod? I've heard people suggest using a sharpie, but that looks too smooth for a sharpie.

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those hp 1000's have my vote by a small margin over the yamaha. might be a tie...depends on the person. personally I'd wear the yamaha but a more styling person would look better with the grado's. my style is colder/cooler/sterile so I'd wear the yamaha.



Yamaha = silver Audi R8  Grado hp1000 = Spyker C8.

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I am guessing by now this thread is far past the OP's use and is for general purpose?

I was requested ( told ) to post these here, even though nobody would probably be able to locate a set. Except the ones I have :)

Eagerly awaiting these. Playing Schrodinger's mailbox for them now.

 Originally posted this in the Vintage Cans thread.





AND BOW IN REVERENCE. ( I.D. at bottom )

cgi.ebay.ca 2011-6-30 22:39:51.png

cgi.ebay.ca 2011-6-30 22:40:22.png

cgi.ebay.ca 2011-6-30 22:40:57.png



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Originally Posted by Badd99 View Post

I really think the LCD-2 (first batch with darker stain) are some of my favorite headphone looks of all time. Wood beats plastic/metal ANY day in my book. 

Wood and technology just don't mix for me.  They make me think of the early days of TVs and stereos when everything was terrible and looked terrible.  It's a 1970s retro look, and that is certainly not a good retro look.

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AKG K140 RFS 600ohm (wood-cups)




more pics, different angle:


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For me of the one's I've seen (only in pictures mind), the LCD-2's. perfect balance between sophisticated, elegant, old school and funky.



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my personal opinion on how the lcd2 looks isnt very good. but ill keep that to myself.  to me, the denon d7000 is the most beautiful headphone. 

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