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Best looking headphones? Still searching for the ones that I can look at and instantly fall in love biggrin.gif


But I don't dislike these Denons:


4605546601_3525f9e355.jpg  DN-HP-1000__1.jpg


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Sennheiser HD598's! I just received my pair from Katun and they look amazing plus are the best sounding headphones I have ever put on my head!

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I've never listened to Allie's but I sure do love the buttonless look!

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Yamaha YH-5M: a longtime favorite.

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Those look awesome, how much do they cost / how do they sound?

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Originally Posted by ffdpmaggot View Post

Those look awesome, how much do they cost / how do they sound?

Unfortunately, I've never had a chance to hear a pair.  There are a few impressions posted around Head-Fi, so do a search if you're interested in doing a bit of reading.


I've seen them go for between $500 and $800.  As I recall it, a pair with a problematic driver hit the for sale forum last year.  I'm not sure if they ever sold...


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Originally Posted by Curly21029 View Post



Yamaha YH-5M: a longtime favorite.

how do those even......wut?

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oh my lord! so are these modded?? 

Originally Posted by Yuceka View Post

Prettier than any woman I've seen :) 








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Originally Posted by dedude View Post


Bow before the snoop dogg skullcandy!





No but in all seriousness I've always thought the k701's look nice

Lol wondered if someone would post some skullcandies, beat me to the punch, and I obviously into got to the thread late. I really like the sophisticated look of the senn hd598.


Also first post. Finally got my own profile after simply frequenting the forum for about a year. I really enjoy reading advice and viewpoints from the helpful and nice posters on the board. I hope to gain acceptance into the community like so many others have gotten.


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nm just looked them up

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Originally Posted by WhiteCrow View Post

how do those even......wut?



It's also worth noting that they have removable caps that allow them to be either open or closed back.


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I own the hd598 and I think that they are extremly pretty (but it reminds me a luxurious sofa.,,, like someone said), but in my opinion the Audio Technica w1000 no contest:




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I'll have to go for the TMA-1, they're just stunning



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biased, but the grado 325is in brushed silver are slick

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The beyer T1s are pretty nice. Somebody in my school brought in a pair of AD700s today, they aren't particularly attractive to begin with, but a different color grill would make them look pretty good.

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