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I need some new IEMs but am incredibly confused ...

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Hi all,
This is my first post so please be nice !


I currently own a set of Grado SR80i (which I love) and use when i'm indoors, as well as a set of Shure e2C headphones which I have owned for about 7 years and have finally broken.


Now, I need to upgrade the Shures, to say they are broken is a little unfair, the plastics have started to crack and the cables are starting to pull and show copper, I just want a new pair of IEMs to be honest.


With regards to what music i listen to, everything and everything. My taste in music is incredibly broad. I will have tracks from William Fitzsimmons mixed in with the latest productions from Danny Byrd and High Contrast, maybe coupled with a spell of some old Slipknot confused_face.gifand Children of Bodem confused_face(1).gif classics.


Mostly all of the listening I will be doing will come from from iPod classic (160GB, the one with the low volume limit, I am told) and I really would like a fair amount of bass from the headphones.


Money wise, i'm looking to spend anything up to £100, whilst i appreciate this is by no means top money, it would appear that there a lot of great headphones available for this sort of money.


I am looking at the following, in this order


Head Direct RE0 - Everyone raves about them, but i am a little concerned about the build quality

Head Direct RE-Zero - Appears that they are better suited to "non amping" but have an annoying adapter for 3.5mm audio jacks

Future Sonic Atrio (M8/M5) - just tipping the budget, but look fairly unimpressive and ppl have mixed opinions about the new MG7 drivers.


Can anyone lend any advice or throw a suitable spanner in the works ?


This is not a simple "what headphones should I buy", I have done my research (which I hope comes through) but just need an opinion from someone who knows a lot more about this than I do.


Also, on an aside, I would prefer to buy from Amazon as I have £50 of Nectar vouchers to spend there ;)


Appreciate your comments.


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JVC FX500, HJE900, DBA-02(highely recommended), Radius DDM(highely recommended), EX500, Turbine, Custom 3, Q-Jays and PFE112.

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Wow, that is a suitably sized spanner in the works! Are all my current prospects not even worth considering over the highly recommended headphones noted above?
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Sennheiser IE7

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custom 3regular_smile%20.gif

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I'd recommend the panasonic hje900, available from amazon.co.uk. They sound like they meet all your criteria, and are built like miniature tanks to boot. If you read up on them, you'll find they come highly recommended.

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Get the RE0 and an amp of your choice. And if you havent already, read joker's review thread of 131 IEMs here.


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Thanks for all the replies guys. I am going to have a look at all the headphones mentioned above. I think at this sort of level, its going to be more down to personal preference than anything. I'll have a good read through Joker's review thread again.


I will let you know how I get on.


Thanks again


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Right, I have taken the plunge ...


I ended up getting the SoundMagic PL50. After reading Jokers thread they seemed like a good buy. Also they where £10 off at Amazon !


I am a tiny bit concerned about the lack of Bass quantity but i'm sure if i find them not enough, i can amp them up with a Fii0 or such like.


Thanks again guys, had the Pannys in my basket but then thought £100 ... maybe best get the PL50s !



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hi guys,


Got the PL50s yesterday from Amazon.

First impressions, very impressed, they are incredibly light and confortable but do feel a little fragile.


Also I do not think that i am getting a perfect seal in my ear canal, compared to my E2Cs, the sound isolation isn't great (i used to be able to hear nothing but music on the tube, now i can hear announcements and the like).


Are the Sony Hybrids really the way to go ? I have started using the silicon tips but they take a long time to get a god fit and even then its not perfect.


The foam ones that it came with, the large ones anyway seem to have a split barrel, so that dont fit 100% securely on the stub.


Can anyone lend any ideas?



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