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Just to say I did end up going with the BCL.  It has more bass at low volumes than the Rhinelander, and is smoother and has a fuller and more defined soundstage throughout.  Highs are sweeter. There are no technical issues like the channel imbalance I thought I heard the first time.  In short its great, and I'm very happy with it.  Recommended.


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Originally Posted by king.mark View Post

I've been using my SPL Auditor with the HD800 since it was released and I'm very very pleased with it.

The Auditor just like the BCL is totally uncolored and drives my headphones with unparalleled energy and clarity.

Have a look at SPLs Website, they nicely discribe the unusual tech they use in the Auditor.


If you want your sound to be a little on the warm / analog side, you should rather choose a DAC with such a sound signature, that's what I did.

You're right, the Auditor is totally uncolored, but the HD800 treble is overemphasized especially on the SPL's. I'll highly recommend the Violectric V100 that roll-off the treble a bit.

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Originally Posted by Loevhagen View Post

I own a pair of K702 and HD800, and due to some friendly head-fiers got both the Bursom HA-160D and the Lehmann BCL at home. I´ve spent some time with these headamps and the setup is as follows: MacMini -> USB input of the Burson -> Preout Burson and into the Lehmann BCL. 


By using this setup I can easily switch between the headphone jacks on these to get impressions. Have used the K702 the last two days and I must say that regardless of what kind of music I throw at these two amplifiers the music flows.. The Burson is a tad bit warmer than the Lehmann. Anyway; the K702 really shines with these two.


Will couple my HD800 in the system some days to get an insight on how the Sennheiser fit with the German and the Australian "contenders".







I'm glad you like the K-702, a better cable will increase the transparency and the sound stage, depth and clarity all over the sound spectrum by 10-20%.

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Pretty nice picture of the auditor inside workings.Appears to be a pretty good amp.Have not heard one but would be nice to hear one sometime.I have akg 701s grado rs1is and lcd-2 rev2 phones.Any body have any opinions of the auditors ability to drive these phones?

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