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What about it's value against currency, hedge against inflation, or industrial use?

You can throw a gold bar at someone and injure them. Much less so with a dollar bill. 

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Alex I dont think Americans are lazy or dumb, perhaps a bit apathetic and ignorant about certain things. But isnt that sort of the way the system is set up. And I dont know if a discussion about Obama and the way Obama sold himself will net anything fruitful in our discussion either, nor do I think there was necessarly a sudden lurch back toward conservatism as a result of the last election not that you implied one, just sayin. A lot of people just didnt come out and vote in the last election, especially young people who were the big difference in Obama getting elected. My problem with both parties, is there doesnt seem to be a damn bit of difference between them. Sure they make it sound like there are differences and they certainly do a good job of getting we the people all worked up, but for the most part both parties are nothing but corporate shills.


I think you are seriously misreading the tea leaves though if you dont think there is a potion of our populace in a very surly mood. Last weeks shooting may have been at the hands of someone with legitimate nutso issues, but his attitude and behavior were just a more extreme expression of the general mood of a good number of folks. It wasnt that long ago people were carrying AK's to political rallies wearing Tshirts that read: From time to time the tree of liberty needs to be waterd with a little blood, People talking about 2nd ammendment solutioms and secession. The tea party in general seems to be a bit miffed and not very well organized, sort of like a tropical depression before it morphs into a hurricane.


Were at a pretty scary time and place in history and I dont think we are just going to be able to click our heels like Dorothy and end up back in Kansas.


Thank You for your response and sharing your POV. I'd really be interested in hearing what some other people your age think.

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Anyone up for a riot? ph34r.gif

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I meant dumb and lazy in the antiquated sense that we are referred to abroad, which is sad considering they are lazier than we are. Damn the European's long vacations!


I still think we will be nowhere as near as violent as other countries. Our most angry group that has a significant effect on society, I would say the the Tea Party. They are angry, but I would not say violent. I would say they are amongst the most against violence, if the Glenn Beck program is any representative. I would go so far as to saying that this negates its effect as a major factor in government. I say this because: 1. They are not necessarily pro-government in the first place thus no leaders coming out it, short of MAYBE Rand Paul. and 2. They have no power of motivation. This brings me to your point: Both parties have the same effect on us. They just tend to dig us a bigger hole. If you cant being leaders and you don't partake in revolutionary tactics (which is good) then you are powerless. They don't pose a problem so no one will try to resolve them like they would rioters. I am not saying people should be up in arms but you need to bring something new to the argument.


I will stop there so this discussion doesn't get political (only apocalyptic) and let others contribute to the discussion.


Also I doubt that many people my age have opinions as strong as mine. Most of my peers are apathetic and think Obama is "cool". This kind of makes me sick. But to each his own. 


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Originally Posted by mralexosborn View Post

I meant dumb and lazy in the antiquated sense that we are referred to abroad, which is sad considering they are lazier than we are. Damn the European's long vacations!

I'm not sure if their stereotypes of us are anymore accurate than our stereotypes of them. From what I can tell though both systems seem to be breaking down and the blame seems to be being leveled at the people and entitlement programs. Every society needs both piano players and piano movers. Not sure what the answer is Alex, but to paraphrase Warren Zevon, our stuff's messed up...the stuff that used to work dont work now.


Warren was a little more colorful :



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My old biker ring.

Over one ounce of gold,with a couple of diamonds.

When anarchy or a riot starts,don't look for precious metals to survive.

Grab a good long gun and cans of soup to save your ass.
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I rooted out my old gold ring when gold topped a thousand,one good thing about the 1980's was keeping the ring ;-)

A lot of people have old gold in various forms.

As for investing in metals when calamity strikes,I look to how the masses have reacted in past major disasters to reaffirm my choices.
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For most of the people in this thread (and generally), if you're thinking "I should get into the stock market, I know what I'm doing," think again.  You shouldn't and you don't.

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^I lol'd. 


I see what you mean. The Fed doesn't even have any confidence in the economy. Not to mention everything is going to hell within a year or so (debt and the "changing of the guard").

But I think I may do what Erik said about investing in energy since that pay dividends and I want to pay for my quadruple doctorate in advance. XD

Also as soon as it seems that metals "bottom out" within the next six months I may buy some more. I am thinking gold this time. Something common like Eagles, Pandas, Krugerrands, or a Philharmonic. 


By no means am I an expert but from compiling all that I've read (both positive and negative news) this is what I gather. I could be wrong though. frown.gif

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The Fed knows exactly what it is doing...stealing money from tax payers and putting it into the hands of bankers that Obama then appoints for political jobs.  I think it's pretty scary that when the Fed was asked if it would give information about where all these trillions of dollars were going Bernanke said offshore banks, and when asked for specific information he was just like "eh, no!"  It's pathetic.  I don't get why anyone would ever play the stock market.  It's completely random.

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Originally Posted by ramicio View Post

  I don't get why anyone would ever play the stock market.  It's completely random.

Perhaps the most prudent investing right now would be in canned foods and bags of rice, I think $300 worth of this stuff has some serious upside.


gold(1).jpg        ohc_tt_rinsing_canned_beans-300x255.jpg


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And if nothing ends up even happening, then it can still be eaten.

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Tomato soup where it's at. 

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