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Look - the company has been making these headphones for like 6 months. They got hit with waaaay more interest than they expected, and they are very backed up (and have acknowledged that their production schedule involves delays for the customer). They try to be pretty transparent about this, and if you had read through the LCD-2 thread here, you would see that many folks have experienced similar delays and expect something the same of your experience.


And as for this reflecting "poor business practices" by Audez'e, if your criteria is that "shipment of the product is delayed beyond what customers expected", I would challenge you to find me a company for whom that isn't on occassion true.


Ford F-150 Production delayed due to parts shortage

iPhone 4 pre-orders vastly exceed expectations, cause production delay for hundreds of thousands of pre-order customers

GM announces 1 months delay on Camaro shipments

Ford Fiesta shipments delayed over faulty parts

iPad demand exceeds projections, delaying international launch by a month

Logitech unable to send Logitech Revue to pre-order customers by ship date

Ferrari has waiting lists for its cars of up to two years


At the very least, with Audez'e you know that you're going to get delays and they're pretty clear about them. Cut them some slack, and enjoy your new HiFiMans.

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I'm one of those on the waiting list, and have no problem with that. Of course I'd love to get them sooner rather than later, but if they had built up their capacity to cover the first rush, the company would suffer afterwards - which would make even more people even more unhappy. Besides, they seem to try to put improvements right into serial production, so there is an upside to being late in the queue, too.

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Nobody is saying that companies need to be perfect.  Yes, companies run into speed bumps all the time.  However, it's also ridiculous to somehow blame the customer for expressing dissatisfaction when a company doesn't meet its promises.  Just let the customer rant a little.  It's actually useful information for other customers that have orders with the company as well.  And maybe, just maybe, the seller will be on its toes a little more. 

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No, "around one month" is clearly stated. And you still have not said what your problem is. You didn't want the LCD-2, so you got another nice can. All is not fine then? You are complaining about nothing, that's what's childish about it. Unless you are just being a troll here, which would explain your rant.

Nobody is being ripped off, since nobody paid anything for being in the waiting line.

And there is absolutely no danger involved. No one gets hurt. Or do you need an LCD-2 for medical reasons?

(Lawton Audio has nothing to do with this, by the way)


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One month was the lead time clearly stated on the Audez'e website. I guess one person's "holding vendors to a certain level of responsiblity" is another's "childish rant".


There seems to be a lax attitude towards such things in this hobby. Like my D7000's that were "misplaced" for a month and a half by Lawton Audio. I think it's a dangerous thing to be so blase about. It leads to people being ripped off.

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No, "around one month" is clearly stated. 

I think the issue was that the projected one month wait time ended up being two months

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Audeze has in my experience provided excellent service with lightening fast responses to any issues needing attention. Yes they should change the wait time to maybe a 6-8 week lead but that is still reasonable for a product like this and since no one pays up front I don't see much to complain about.

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