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Westone 3 or Westone UM3x?

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Before I get ripped to shreds, yes, I did indeed use the search bar to look for previous Westone 3 vs Um3x threads. The reason I'm asking is because A) I have different preferences compared to previous threads B) Newer opinions always help, too.

I was originally planning to buy something in ~200-250 range(previous thread), but was able to upgrade my budget, and have been eying both of these IEMs for awhile. From what I've thread of the previous threads here, it seems that UM3x is the "truer" of the two in detailing/showing the song and how it was supposed to sound(along with flaws, of course), but has "neutral/dull" sound. While the W3 has a more "fun" sound but isn't as true as the UM3x.


Now, I listen to mostly Metalcore, Alternative, Indie-Rock, Hip-Hop, so maybe that will help for you guys to steer me in the right direction. I love a good soundstage, and I also prefer for the headphones to have a balanced feel. I'm not a fan of hearing certain aspects overpower the others(e.g base), so nice balance is a plus. I also want the headphones to have good isolation because my commute usually consists trains/buses/walking, so something that will block(hopefully) most of them off would be great. Finally, I want the headphones to sound enjoyable and fun(heh, W3 description), so that I don't get bored of my music.


Thanks guys.

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From reading the description of what you want, I venture to say that you may be dissatisfied with the both the UM3X and the W3. I have owned both and neither of them are perfect. They both have huge strengths and minor weaknesses. For your music preference, I would go with the W3 though. Yes, the bass can be too heavy, but the UM3X are really not fun. I ended up choosing the UM3X over the W3. Ultimately, I ended up selling them because all the music just got boring. If I had to buy one again, some days I'd pick the UM3X and some the W3. If I had to choose one of the two, it would be W3 because of the soundstage and a little more fun is sometimes what you need. Both are exceptionally comfortable.


I've actually gone a different direction toward the Etymotic ER4P (after hearing the HF5). If you get a good seal, I find that the etymotic line has real quality bass and an addictive clarity that as long as your recordings are high quality they are satisfying for any style of music. I enjoy string quartets on them as much as Radiohead/Arcade Fire, etc. The biggest problem is the deep insertion, which is kind of weird and tough to get used to, and that the soundstage is too narrow. That being said, I'm fairly confident I'll be happy with the Er4p.


From what you've described, the Westone 4 seems to be what you really want. It is what I want. The entry price is huge at $450, but it seems to be a fixed W3, with its flaws negated. If I were you, I'd buy a used/cheap W3 and start saving for the W4. I believe you''ll be really happy with the W3...until you get a chance to buy the W4 or get customs. If the ER4P, doesn't work for me, I'll start saving up for the Westone 4.

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Will be purchasing next week and still have no clue on which pair to get >_>


Any more opinions? Really appreciate the thoughts, imackler.

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Perhaps a wait for the W4 will be best. Of course price is going to be more...

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Originally Posted by Inks View Post

Perhaps a wait for the W4 will be best. Of course price is going to be more...

When is Westone planning to release them?

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