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DAC/Amp for Denon D5000s

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Hello everyone,




Let me preface this by saying I have little to no experience with this sort of stuff but over the last month or so I've been doing my research on the subject and now my heart is set on the Denon D5000s after having experienced them first hand a few days ago.



My issue now is in trying to figure out a good DAC/amp to buy for it and am currently considering the Audio-gd FUN.



I will be doing most of my listening via the computer but an optical input is a must as I'll definitely be using that as well from my cd player occasionally.



Is my choice adequate or is there a better alternative up to around the 400 USD range?




Thank you in advance.

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another possibility by Headline.  Pretty pricey to have a CD source. 

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That's an interesting option and I'm looking into it now.



Also, I've decided I'm going to push into about 550 USD so that does widen my horizons a little bit and in lieu of that I was looking at the x-can v8 and while there are a lot of promising reviews on the amp, especially paired with the Denons, I can't seem to find any on sale. O.O Is it an obsolete model now or something?

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Oh I dunno.  I don't believe in spending over $100 on this type of thing.  Just trying to provide alternatives for you.  Do you know anything about the EMU0404?  That one's a PCI card, but there's an external model for about $200.  Meets your requirements I think for amp/dac/spdif but I don't know about sound. 

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I have an Audio-GD FUN paired with a stock Denon AH-D7000


It's a beauty!  Do it!  I got the Version-A of the FUN and it has zero problems powering them to crazy levels. 



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if you're prepared for a long wait the gilmore x2 looks interesting

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Yes, the Gilmore 2 would be something to wait for but............ This is my first experience with good audio and I want it fast.



I'm still looking around and while I'm almost, almost set on the Audio-gd FUN I was also considering the HiFiMan EF5. Anyone have any experience with that amp paired with the Denons?

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I am having a blast using the Nuforce Icon HD to power my Denon AH-D5000. It has a ton of power to spare, getting the cans plenty loud at barely a hair past 9:00 on the volume knob. Also, it is clearer and crisper by far than other sound cards and amplifiers and headphone outputs I have used in the past. 

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