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Bump for curiosity on how this turned out.


I just got a pair of 770s again. I never modded my first set and I want to completely rebuild this go around.

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BUmping an old thread to see if anyone has anything else on modding this awsome can!

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Bump it, lets unleash something here people!

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I did a felt damping mod on a 250Ohm DT770 today (leave room for the inner ring) and it did wonders! Oh the treble smoothed out and the mids did fill it. Bass also got stronger. It's a pretty nice improvement is SQ.

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could you please describe the felt mod?

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Another bump....mod threads are great but not without conclusions or showing us how to replicate :/

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I was getting excited reading this thread... then it just stops.

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anyone tried angling the drivers?  (think T5p :P )


i took two short strip of blu tac about 3to5mm thick, two cm long,

stuck them to the left n right side of the cup near the top circumference..

and stuck the driver on top of the bluetac on one edge,

and beneath the bluetac on the other edge..

the driver is thus sitting at a slight angle...

the plastic ring holding the driver was removed and not used.

i put back the black circular foam, and put back the pads.

( i might replace the bluetac with doublesided felt )

music sounded more "frontal" . 


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check my crude DIY above. tongue_smile.gif

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I need more info on the felt mod, I just ordered a DT770 PRO 80 Ohm.

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Bump, Please! I've got some recabled (copper) duel-entry. Could use more kids and the highs are harsh.

What kind of felt was used for the felt mod mentioned above?

What about using and dynamite or micro more tape? (I'm getting ideas from the mod thread on the Monoprice 8323)

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Ha! I Wish I had a friend who could do this for me. Looks awesome man

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