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Originally Posted by NoEars View Post

Very interesting mod. Where does one get these cocobolo rings?


You make them

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I was racabling a friends 600Ohm DT770's and the driver look like those of the DT990. Strange..

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Originally Posted by dye1337 View Post

The real issue is going to be making more prominent mids without causing unbearable treble

That's not a problem.  I need to finish this mod so I can update the pictures but the mids are fine.  I honestly don't know why the company went with big plastic cups, except to appeal to folks who think you need big plastic cups to get pounding bass.  With the cocobolo rings and the pads (a lot of it is in the pads), you can get all the bass you could ever want.  In the meantime, when I chucked the big plastic cups, the clarity of the sound became wonderful.  Keep in mind that I'm a Grado lover, so my sweet spot may be somewhat brighter than yours, but these cans sound more like my modded Grados when I tweak them to get better bass.  It's the same set of principles applied to a different set of headphones.  Several things I would change, besides the cups, would be the wiring (You can make a cable with double the copper of this one) and the pads.  I like the pads but I'm gravitating more and more toward leather as the best contact surface for headphone pads.  Like the velour, it breathes and traps; it just does so better.

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Is this thread still active? I was really interested in seeing what else could be done to beyerdynamics. I have consumer edition DT770 250 that need to be recabled but I am interested in taking things to the next level. From what I have read DT770 250 ohm drivers are the worst of the three ohm options, so I am thinking of replacing my drivers maybe with some grado drivers. Are there any guides to opening up the consumer headphones? I can't find any mods for consumer beyers. Has anyone tried beyers with grado drivers? What is the best driver to put in these headphones?

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I'll have an update soon, probably in the next day or so.  Stay tuned.

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I predict a dramatic increase inthe number of "WTB: Used DT770" threads in the near future. I am intrigued. Very intrigued.

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Oh dang, I thought I posted in here yesterday. rolleyes.gif


How difficult do you think it would be to make woodies for HD650s? Sennheiser uses wood on their Orpheuses, so wood is obviously an option. Do you think you would need a CNC machine, or just a steady hand?

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What is the significance of having a plastic backing for the driver? What does this do to sound? If we were to use a higher quality material what would it do to sound?

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I just got a new set of the dt 770 pro 80 and I'm very interested in this.

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Has any1 just tried drilling a small hole or two into the cups of the DT770 Pro/80 to see what happens with bass quantity. :p

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There is actually already one hole...not sure what adding a second would do. I guess it could be plug if it made things worse. I don't have my 770's anymore or I would try the mods.

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Originally Posted by ArmAndHammer View Post

There is actually already one hole...not sure what adding a second would do. I guess it could be plug if it made things worse. I don't have my 770's anymore or I would try the mods.

You mean modded or not? I must have missed it on my DT770 Pro/80 I tried then.

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YEah...there is one just under or behind where the band attached to the cup. You have to rotate the cup a little to see it if I remember correctly.

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Any progress on this mod(s)?

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Another "bump for status update?" post... quite curious to see how it turned out.

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