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Sub-$50 Earphones

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Hello, all. I've been trying to find the best earphones that are in my price range of $0-$50.


AFAIK the 'biggest' options are:


MEElectronics M6 - $20

MEElectronics M2 - $10

Thinksound TS01 - $50

Visang R03 - ???

Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170 - $30

Maximo iM-590 - $50


 I'm mostly worried about audio and build quality ( It will have to last me a couple years |8 ) but noise cancellation would be great too. I usually listen to classical guitar but also hip-hop and classic rock. The look of the TS01 is really appealing but looks like it falters at the mid and high end, and comes devoid of accessories.


How are these compared to each other? Maybe there is another model I have not seen.


Help appreciated, thanks!!


edit: Well, pretty much anything should be better than the Skullcandy "Ink'd" set I have now

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Ok, nevermind. I'll just stick to whatever is at Ross.



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See if you can swing the M6, they do go on sale often.  It is worth it.

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Meelec M2 is still better than whatever you will find at Ross and they're easy to get for ~$12. M9P can be had at newegg for $15 delivered. There's also the Earsquake SHA (off ebay), which are unreasonably good for $13 and the open-box Sony MDR-EX082 off accessoryseek for $16.

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You dont have Meelec M9 on your list. They fit your price range and are probably the best iems in that price range.

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Originally Posted by enthdegree View Post

Ok, nevermind. My family believes $50 is unreasonable for a pair of earphones.


I'll just stick to whatever is at Ross.



please don't just buy something from ross, at least invest a little money into earphones or go with jokers suggestion. thats what i used to do and that eventually led to me spending hundreds because i had to constantly replace my earphones. i could have bought a high end iem with that money but now i have to stick to ok iems just because i already wasted a ton of money/

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i got my m6 for 15 shipped and my m9 for 10 shipped.  those will be the same prices you pay at ross, but you'll only find crappy skullcandy at ross

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I love the M6. Fit is great, and they look semi-professional as well. They're $19 on Amazon right now. Free shipping as well.

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Hello, everyone. Thank you all for the advice!


I finally jumped on an M6 about a week and a half ago and has already served me well. One of the problems I had right out of the box was sybillance. I assumed it would go away after they burned in but they did not. They did get a bit better but it was still very noticable. I stuffed some foam into the tube that the flanges slide onto and it got a bit better but even then it was a bit strong. Finally I just decided to EQ it:




Is this a problem for anyone else? Maybe it is defective

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