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Long Haul Flight

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I have some long haul flights in a few weeks with stopovers in the middle, as if the flights are not long enough in the first place... blink.gif Done a search but think it will be useful to collate specific opinions redface.gif


Two main criteria:

  • (1) Small size
  • (2) Battery life of 24 hours +



Will only be playing back MP3 files paired with Westone UM2. If it matters I own a Mac but do have Vista installed via Bootcamp if required by a player (I understand Cowon might not like OSX due to the data files dumped)


This does not need to be the *perfect* player, just one that is not "stupid" and satisfies the criteria 


****Following text optional****


No bigger than iPod Nano 4th/5th Gen in size ideally (though not strict). Hell, it can be a pen drive with a one line display for all I care. I have no need for anything other than audio playback, especially video but if it has superfluous features I will deal with it tongue.gif Any suggestions before I plump for a iPod Nano 5th Gen? Ironically I owned and sold a 4G Nano. I read the radio kills the 5G Nano battery but not a concern as I will not use the radio feature on the flights


I already own a rockboxed Sansa Clip+, so please do not recommend that. I am happy to explain why in the Rockbox Clip+ appreciation thread if prompted, but sufficient to say it nowhere near satisfies requirement (2). I also own a iPod Shuffle 2G but not taking that either





Thank you

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I would be interested to know if any player has a battery life of 24+.


I know that you already have a clip+  but I just want to share that there is a reason I have 4 clip+... Easy to toss an extra one in my laptop bag (and literally barely taking up any additional space.) and have an emergency. Some basic songs in its internal memory and moving the micro SD to the new fresh clip+ has been my solution for long flights/extended travel.


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I understand if longer rated battery life entails having brightness turned all the way down, hardly using buttons etc, etc


Interesting comment on owning so many Clip+, though for the sake of variety being the spice of life I will hold that thought for the time being and hold out for a suggestion :)

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Cowon i7 or i9... plays FLAC too

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Yeah they are small and have 60 hours battery life. Cowon just does battery life so well.

Originally Posted by goffer View Post

Cowon i7 or i9... plays FLAC too

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Where is this 60 hour from? I have seen several reviews and online stores for the Cowon i9 and see 30 hours max audio, but not 60!


What about Sony A range with their advertised "50 hour battery life"? Again I understand manufacturers massage figures by using 128kbps files, brightness turned down, hardly using controls etc. I just need something that will reliably see me through each leg of the journey so I do not crumble under the weight of boredom tongue_smile.gif

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You could always get a power pack battery and bring a USB cable to recharge your Clip+ on the go. I bought a APC power pack off Ebay a while ago, and it is very handy indeed. If you really do not feel the need to buy a new DAP besides wanting longer battery life, you could always check out power packs.


Apparently APC have discontinued their portable batteries, so what can be found on Ebay is probably a few years old. This might affect battery life on the power packs. But there are always other makers...

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For closure I now own a Sony A845 smile.gif Will have to put through paces versus my Clip+


Am I to understand the included audio input cable can only be used in conjunction with the airplane adaptor so as to divert in-flight entertainment into the Walkman, but not for anything else? I get that of course the airplane adaptor can be used on it's own but I am finding no literature about what the audio in cable does redface.gif

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