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IEM question from a newb!

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Hello there head-fi'ers!
I've been lurking around there forums anonymously for a while now, but decided to go ahead and make me a user, and i have a few questions.

First of, i'm looking for some new IEMs, i've previusly owned a pair of Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket (blah btw) and most currently a pair of Creative EP-630 i picked up cheap.
Now i would prefer to buy in my country, and at the price range i'm looking at(400-700dkk, 70-120US, i have the following available


Klipsch Image S4i (577 dkk - 100US)


Sennheiser CX 870 (484 dkk - 84 USS)


Sony MDR EX500LP (709 dkk - 123US)


Beyerdynamic DTX 80 (668 dkk - 115US)


Panasonic RP HC55E-S (456 dkk - 79US)


Super.FI 4 (507 dkk - 88US)


Which of those would you suggest? Been reading around, and someone says they're the best, and then someone else says they suck.. So anyone got some real ideas here?


As an alternative, if someone knows a far better set, is there somewhere in europe, preferable UK or Germany that happens to sell those? I just dont wanna ship them from some far away place, and have to deal with TAX and VAT and whatelse shit we have here in Denmark..


Thanks in advance!!

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Look into the Sunrise Sw-Xcape, there are some available in the UK Amazon store I believe, or some Fischer Audio products: Eternas, Silver Bullets. I hear those are some of the best for around that price range.

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Been looking aorund the UK Amazon store, and found a few other IEM i would consider.


IE 6






Which of those would be best for listening to mainly electronic, house, dub and other somewhat bass focused genres? Not looking for overly muddy bass, but bass is somewhat more important than highs.

Any ideas?

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If you want to order from UK you can see the collection at

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I don't recommend you UE 4. Good sound quality, but poor quality cables, that broke loose just at the headphone, and poor quality 3.5mm jack.

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Okay, thanks for the replys guys (:

Still looking on some comments on the other IEM's? Anybody got some experience?

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well you havent really given any criteria for selecting one

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Well i don't really know what criterias you're looking for? As i said, i'm gonna be listening mostly to Electronic, House, dubsteb and other variations of those genres. So allround i would suppose bass is somewhat more in focus than mid/highs, but i still don't want the bass to just drown out all the other sounds.

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You really can't go wrong with the Klipsch Image S4. I'm on my second pair because the first one got destroyed but that was my fault. At a hundred dollar price point, they sound better than most pairs I've come across costing three times as much. Granted I've still not been able to experiment with as many pairs as I would like, but from what I have tried (Monster, Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, etc) these always seem the most balanced and clear to me. But as always, they're headphones so it's mostly preference based anyways. Good luck xD

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Brainwavz M2

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Thanks for the inputs you two (:

And yeah i also stumbled across the Brainwavz, which fits in my budget, but would you take the M2 over the M3? I read the M2 might be more bass focused than the M3? But if its a muddy overpowered bass i'd rather have the M3.. Do you have any experience with them?

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No one's mentioned the etymotics, I don't know how difficult they would be to get in Denmark, but they are some awesome headphones.  I've got the ER-4S's and have loved them for many years.  From what I've read the lower versions (ER-6i's, HF5's and such) are supposed to be pretty darned good as well.  And as far as build quality goes, I wouldn't ever worry about etymotics as they stand behind their products even when it's your dog who chewed up your headphones (real life story, etymotic replaced both drivers at no cost to me, not even shipping)

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Great Reviews Mark! I think im slightly inclined towards the M3 after all (:


However those Etymotics, the only ones i found that was able to be delivered to DK, was the MC3, i don't really know anything about those? They're quite a bit more expensive than the M3, so they need quite a bit better to justify the price.. Any thoughts on that? Otherwise i think i might go with the M3 (:

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