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For Sale:
Pico Slim amp #275

Will Ship To: CONUS

I am looking forward to sell my Pico Slim, as I have received the Headstage Arrow amp and find it more to my liking. I have not been using my Pico Slim amp much since then. I can say with confidence that the amp has not been charged for more than 10 times. I have always used the amp with the leather pouch that comes with it, therefore cosmetic wise it is as good as new. It has never been dropped or scratched. Sound wise, I believe if you are looking at this thread, you would know what to expect. The battery life is really amazing, for my normal listening it lasted near 1 week.


Price is negotiable, but since I have not charged it for more than 10 times, I am looking for around $330, including shipping. Please note that the serial number is #275, so I do not have the lifetime warranty, but the 3 years warranty still applies. Shipping in CONUS, and I accept Paypal only. I will ship in the box that it comes with, with chargers and cable (usb to the micro usb)


PM for any question.

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