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For Sale:
Hifiman 601 SOLD

Will Ship To: EU

Price is in Euro! SOLD


Would like to sell my Hifiman 601 plus RE-Zero.


I spent way to much on gear last month and find myself using my AMP3 Pro2 most of the time.


I used it for maybe 8 hours in total. Never took of the screen protector. Will come complete in original package and supplied with all it came with. The RE-Zero's where used for maybe 4 hours. I had troubles getting a good fit with my very small ear canals.


Perfect deal for EU buyers since this one is already in the EU so no customs hassle.


Will sell for Sold


Can accept Paypal or bank transfer.


Thanks for looking.


In case you need a reference, I had two deals on head-fi and had ton's of deals on watch related forum (can give details in PM)

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