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This is true, I don't notice it anymore though through my Clip

Originally Posted by DukeSilver View Post

If you are by all means sensitive to sibilance, i would avoid the Meelec m6.


Geeze listening to my old pair makes me cringe. 

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The Audio Technica ATH-CKP300 comes to mind. =)

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i recently went through this and for me it came down to meelec m6 vs PX100.


I finally choose the PX100 II because:

- Its common for IEM's to produce a thumping noise when running.  There is a name for this but i don't know what its called.  I did not want to hear such noises during a run. I was concerned that the m6 may producing the same thing

- PX100 II is portable as they are foldable

- i find them very light and comfortable

- you can quickly put them on and take them off.  I read that you may need to fiddle around with the fit for the m6.  

- i can not comment on the sound quality but i'm happy with the px100.  Its a bit bass heavy but its just what i need to get me through my work outs.  

- Price was similar to m6.


best of luck with your purchase

Originally Posted by DefBringer View Post

Sennheiser PX100. Mine go running or to the gym with me 6 days of the week for the past 3 and a half years.

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Fisher Audio Eterna {Nice build quality, cord and fit}

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I am in the same search so I thought I would bump this up. I am interested in the M6 but I was also thinking about something like the Koss KSC75. Has anyone used those in the gym or for working out in general? I like the idea that they are open so I won't get that thumping sound like RBNHIFI is talking about. My gym isn't all that loud really so I don't "need" isolation. 


My thing is I really, really want to stay cheap, $25 or less shipped. I don't need audiophile sound but something fun and appropriate for working out. Something better than iBuds or the $1.99 Sony ear buds I picked up at the dollar store months ago.

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I appreciate the offer...I just went ahead and ordered the Koss KSC75. I figured I wanted to see what they were all about anyways and they seem like they would make a good workout portable. If I can scrounge the money I might order one of the Fischer offerings.

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No problem let me know thru secretive Mafia messages how they sound. biggrin.gif

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Will do. See you in the Mafia room.

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ArmAndHammer, I would also be keen on your impressions of Koss KSC75.  Especially when using them during a jog/run.
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