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For Sale: Stax Omega 2 mk1

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For Sale:
Stax Omega 2 mk1

Will Ship To: North America

I'd like to sell my pair of O2 mk1's.

They have brand new earpads that I installed and didn't use. General consensus is that it's a good idea to replace the earpads every 4 years to maintain optimal sound quality.

The only thing in less than perfect condition is the headband which I'd rate at 8/10 in condition.

This is the least expensive part of the O2 to replace. I was told by Yamasinc (in USA) in September that the price is $59 shipped.


I've had a hard time coming to terms with the priority for other things in my life over these headphones and I really hope that I will able to find a pair in as nice condition as these are later on when things are more .

The only history I know about this pair is that they were bought from Yahoo Japan Auctions last year.

In my experience their sound is nothing short of breath-taking.


$1600 + shipping + PayPal.

This sale is limited to North America mostly because of the compounded cost of overseas shipping and insurance.



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Sorry about the photosI think I need a better camera.


Those little specks of black above the strain relief in picture 2 are part of the fabric beneath the grate. The fabric beneath the grate isn't damaged, there is just a little extra sticking out from behind the grate.

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PM Sent

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bump, I am back on the forums

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Replying to PMs
Canada Post strike, so there isn't going to be any movement on this until the strike is done.

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What about Fedex? It costs less and 2 times in the past year Canada Post said they could not find a city address so they sent the parcels back.

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Postal strike ended by legislation on Monday June 27.....

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