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For Trade:
ft: original zero dac

Will Trade For: a different amp
Will Ship To: USA

original zero dac, 2 OPA627AU's on adapter + 2 LT1364's


i bought this from chan lawrence in 08. paid 180 shipped.  i guess im lucky cause mine still works. only issue i have with it is sometimes i have to fidget with the power cord to get audio in both ears. Once its settled in its fine though, its just when i move it that i have to mess with it. No idea why it does that. Other than that the unit is fully working.


it has coax and optical inputs.


i really just want to try something new. If someone wants to do a loaner type thing i'm open to that too. A tube amp would be super cool, since i've never really had a chance to use one much (except for that head-fi meet i went to).


heatware here: