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Headphones @ work

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I am looking for a suggestion for an headphone to use at my workplace.

The main characteristics I am looking for are:


1) closed-type headphone (I do not enjoy anything inside my ear and open headphones leaks too much for a silent workplace)


2) the smaller and "less notable" the better


3) the less sound leak the better


Any suggestion? :)


Thank you in advance for any help!



Kind regards

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JVC Flats or JVC S700 are inexpensive choices that fit your criteria.

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The JVC Flats seems perfect for the job, especially the black ones :)


Thank you very much for the suggestion, I will try these!


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koss KSC 75.

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KSC75 doesn't fit the OP's requirements. It's not a closed design and it leaks too much.

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Originally Posted by 1138 View Post

KSC75 doesn't fit the OP's requirements. It's not a closed design and it leaks too much.


ah, that's true.....uah IEM's? I tried the Klishp*seriously I need to look that up lol* Image 2 and 24, they were great, I just hate best buy so I didn't buy them hahaha. Or some MEElectornic's I just ordered a pare and Joker seems to love them*his IEM reviews* and I mean for 30 bucks, why not.

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If you go with IEMs you may want to look at Shure 535 (or less expensive 425). I just got the 535 clears and love that they are very un-noticeable when in use. Nex to nil leakage (at reasonable volume levels) and the shell fits very nicely in the outer ear with very little protrusion.


For that matter, many IEMs fit the bill however the downside is a bit of awkwardness when someone comes up and starts talking to you w/o realizing you can't hear them until you unplug your ears.


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Audio Technica ESW10.  Been using mine at work over 2 years now and couldn't be happier.  Originally had them hooked up to a RSA mustang amp, but now listen straight from my iPhone and it sounds just as good.  Their isolation is perfect....enough sound gets in for you to be aware of your surroundings/phone calls, but they barely leak so that your neighbors don't hear your music.

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Sennheiser HD 201 or 202? Both are comparable in price and, to me, are far superior to the JVC's.

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Thank to you all for the suggestions! :)


I do not personally like IEMs (too intrusive) and some of the closed headphones suggested were a bit on the big size side. 


The JVC flats are right on the spot and if I need something better I always have my HD-25-1 II.





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