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Got a pair for 90USD, including shipping and paypal fees from a seller on head-fi.

They sound quite good, a bit too much sibilance but plugging in my Fiio e5 (:P) gets rid of it, so it's all fine)


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Just received my brand new pair today. Loving them so far, straight out of the box. I never thought I'd say this, but they've officially replaced the CK10 as the most comfortable in-ear I've worn, since either one practically disappears when worn, and I've taken antibiotics larger than these, no exaggeration! While the Klipsch X10's amazed me with their minute size, the UE700's are no exception. Excellent 3D presentation, that's very very well balanced, without missing a beat. The bass is most certainly there, but only when called upon by the respective track. The highs sparkle, without the slightest hint of sibilance, fatigue, or harshness. On the downside, the cable doesn't seem all that sturdy, and I can quite easily see the glossy paint beginning to chip at some point, to which a few can already attest to. Seems I'll be spending the next few days with exclusively the UE700's. Now, let's see how they pair up with the Zo. biggrin.gif


EDIT: On the very first contour setting (as in one up from zero level), the Zo adds some serious kick to these little buggers. Anything beyond that however tends to sound muddy.

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I look forward to seeing how you like these compared to your other IEMs.

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Hmm, well before I jump my own bandwagon, I should mention that my initial impressions, while mostly positive, have much to do with their (street) price point, at under $100, and the performance they deliver at said price point. At their retail cost of $149.99, apart from the form factor, they've absolutely nothing over the GR07, EX600, and RE252 (to name a few) IMHO, all being similarly priced universals, and all the while quite capable of competing with universals more than twice their cost, in more than just one way. I'm a low volume listener, and the UE700's almost compels the listener to turn up the volume (though not to uncomfortable extents) in order to truly appreciate their full sound. In any case, at under $100, they're an excellent price:performance monitor, with an overall musical, balanced and slightly forward signature that's quite easy to recommend for most genres. Of course, initial impressions aside, it's only fair I allow them the very same treatment I've given the rest of my in-ears, and allow myself to become accustomed to their signature for the next few days time before passing any final judgement. smile.gif

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Fair enough.  Initial impression is that they're good for the price, but not in the same league as GR07, EX600, and RE252. 

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The sound is good, no doubt. Bu i'm not so sure about build quality: mine's stuck at servicing for now. Any one has issues with this?

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Just wanted to say, I am unbelievably impressed with these.  I bought a pair with a broken plug from a member on here, and replaced the plug with a neutrik.  They sound great.   


...today, I accidentally left them in my pants pocket and ran them through the wash. They were on the bottom of the dryer, and had been soaked in soapy water, spun, soaked again, and banged around in a very hot dry cycle... They were tangled as hell when I retrieved them, so I untangled them, cursing all the way, and said "let's see how bad these sound..."


plugged them in, and they sound just as good as the day I got them- err, the day I replaced the plug.  Perfect.



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^ A nice way to cool your IEM off after extensive burn-in. 

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Just A/B'ed my pair with a friend's pair.. His were always brighter, bordering on sibilant.  Both pairs sound excellent, though.  My pair is absolutely fine :P

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I am loving this one at the moment, isolation not as good as B2, but it is more balanced than B2 (bass impact is bigger and punchier, though not as detailed and separation is not as good as B2) - and more comfortable than B2, though still not as comfortable as Feels Pro900

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Just ordered a pair off recomendations they're great to fall asleep in. These things look TINY.
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for those who hate overpowering (maybe bloated, have not heard triplefi 10 myself) bass, ue 700 is better

i think that it has just enough bass for me (except when pairing it wif nokia x3)

i love the nice (punchy? or tight? not an audiophile) bass, clear and smooth mids and high

and best of all the 3D sound and instrument separation is decent

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Being ue700 and aurvana 3 same price point ATM, what would you choose ? :)

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I love my UE 700's so much that after two years of hard and faithful service, they've started to disintegrate...but lo and behold, I'm holding them together with electrical tape and stints!! The price of these has steadily gone up, so I can't afford them anymore, so I'll run them till they die. 


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For the price you can pick these up for now, I think they are worth a try. I paid 75 for a NIB pair and I'm pretty happy. I also knew what I was looking for. I didn't want a basshead set, I have one of those. That said, amped with my kilimonjaro, they produce a great sound and more bass that I was expecting. 

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