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Why am I having so much trouble typing posts? - Page 4

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so there's no solution to this problem in Opera11? imagebam.com

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I have the same issue with Firefox 4.0 on both Mac and PC.  I am not able to get a blinking cursor unless I double click the source button.  When I press enter, nothing seems to happen and I simply type one massive line.  However, when I post the line breaks are all appended to the bottom.

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I now use the BB editor in Opera 11, everything's cool! Except that I can't override the site font color/size/background colors...I haven't found the options in Opera. IE6 and FF3.5 both have it, but not Opera apparently?

One thing that was darn annoying in IE6 is that once a PM was sent, the window was coming back to the front, saying "PM successfully sent". In Opera11 using tabs, that doesn't happen anymore...I can press "send PM" and read another tab w/o being annoyed \o/
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oops, using the BB editor if i write the 74603611.png characters, then the line is omitted completely...it's mistaken for an HTML tag?

and I also need to remember to add one extra line at the bottom when I edit, otherwise it says "edited by leeperry ___" right underneath my post.
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Just adding my name to the list. I have the same problems.

- it was fine in my previous version of Firefox (don't remember version), but not in v4

- no cursor, and can't select anywhere in the text box

- cursor seems permanently at the end

- can't cut and paste


But oddly, posting and editing afterwards is just fine. Also, clicking the "source" button twice (which brings you back to the regular editor) will make everything work properly.

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Quoting also seems to make everything functional again.

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So I can only get a cursor when I go to edit a post but not when posting. Since I can't get a cursor or edit PMs, PMs are especially frustrating. On Firefox 4 in Snow Leopard with all scripts enabled, please advise!


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Just hit source and type when done hit preview and it all comes together so nice.Anyway it works for me. And I have firefox 4.0.t;


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that's the BB editor in FF4: 60bbac126985097.jpg

it takes a lot of perseverence to browse head-fi tbh...
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I dunno if anyone cares, but it does the same in Opera11 now: 52c940127060399.jpg

I will go back to the rich text editior, but then I cannot cut/paste anymore rolleyes.gif
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I'm experiencing the same issue with FireFox 4 (had it briefly with FireFox 3 as well), basically if I want to type anything that's longer than one line, I have to open notepad, write it there and copy it over. Only plugins / add-ons I'm using are Ad-Block and Java. I have not experienced this on any other forums or websites, so it definitely seems like an incompatibility with Huddler.

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Just reporting Firefox 4 has the missing cursor, can't click anywhere, can't hit enter to make a new line....problem.  I have no add ons.  The good news is I can use IE9 with no problems, even though I'd rather not have to regularly use more than one browser. ^^

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Yeah FF4 still sucks with Huddler, typing this now without a cursor angry_face.gif


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We're working very hard on getting this FF4 thing licked.  In the interim, press the "Source" button twice, and see if that helps to restore your cursor.  Sorry, guys.

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Thanks for the reply as always Jude.


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