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Here is another problem I am facing: Even when sometime the WYSIWYG editor is fully loaded (though sometime it doesn't load at all), when I tried to edit sometime, it ends up posting a new post instead of editing. At the same time, I'll get the mobile editor once the new post was created, telling me my Firefox browser (on Vista) doesn't support blah, blah, blah as if I am typing from my cellphone via Opera.

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Glad it's not just me, whew...


I noticed another wrinkle:


I just opened two different PM's and I got the basic editor on one, and the full editor on the other.


I have the full editor back here now, no rhyme or reason at all.



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Got the basic editor myself now, too... Running FF 4 Beta 12 on Windows 7 x64.

Only using Adblock Plus 1.3.3 and Feedback 1.0.6 add-ons.

Edit: Had it on this page, then after refreshing it was back to normal, and now with editing it's back to basic again...
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Site is screwed for me as well. I can post in some threads...not in others. Some won't open while others do. 

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The source of this problem appears to be the "Google Syndication/Google Ad Services/Double Click" scripts that are running in order to set cookies and offer us targeted advertisements. I just noticed a page that took forever to finish loading because of those scripts didn't have the full editor until those scrips finished running, it took much longer than most pages.


So if we want to fix things and speed the pages up, we evidently have to allow 3rd-party cookies to be set and allow all of the java scripts to run so our data can be harvested.


Sigh, might as well:


Fact: Disabling Cookies Doesn't Matter If You Have Flash Enabled
As we've already pointed out in our guide to browsing without leaving a trace, even if you are blocking cookies in your browser, advertisers are using Flash cookies to keep track of what you're browsing online. In fact,more than half of the most popular web sitesare using Flash tracking cookies—and even using your browser in private mode won't (currently) stop them from tracking you this way.


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Originally Posted by GotNoRice View Post

1. I can’t copy and paste.  It says something about my browser security settings not allowing it but this is the only forum (or any webpage at all) that I have this issue.


2. Blinking text cursor disappears.  Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it isn’t.  But when the cursor disappears it becomes basically impossible to type anything.  I will click a certain area of the text window, where I want to type additional text, but when I start typing it will start typing at the beginning of the entire post instead of where I clicked.


3. Can’t highlight and delete text.  This seems to be related to the disappearing cursor, but when I select a line of text and attempt to delete it, it behaves like I never had any text selected in the first place and will either just delete a single character wherever the invisible cursor happens to be or it won’t do anything at all.

I've had 1) since day 1 in Opera 11(latest build), I've whined on the official forum and given up browsing head-fi w/ it.


Since yesterday, I've got 2) and 3) in both IE6 and Opera11...when I want to edit a post, I have to wait 30 secs before the blinking cursor shows up?!


PS: I've got FLASH disabled and I've blacklisted all the google syndication servers through my HOSTS file.

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I have these problems with both Firefox and Opera. In fact, I'm typing this right now with no blinking cursor... text is just appearing where the cursor would be, if it were to be there. Also the "Enter" key does not work.This is supposed to be the start of a new paragraph! No plugins in Opera, and with Firefox I have Greesemonkey, but no installed scripts which would affect this site. I do not have adblock. It's worth noting that if I switch to "Source" mode all of the difficulties go away.



Is OK now that I've posted and edited.


Quite often if I compose a post and choose "Preview", making edits is pretty well impossible. I have to make the post, then edit afterward.








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Since yesterday, I've got 2) and 3) in both IE6 and Opera11...when I want to edit a post, I have to wait 30 secs before the blinking cursor shows up?!

PS: I've got FLASH disabled and I've blacklisted all the google syndication servers through my HOSTS file.

Perhaps it takes 30 seconds because that's when some Javascript finally gives up trying to phone home.

I haven't had any problems since setting the BB Code Editor as the default in my profile. The Rich Text Editor was hopelessly broken for me in either Chrome or Firefox on OS X and Linux.
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w00t, BB code editor \o/

everything's blazing fast and I can cut/paste too...I'm impressed biggrin.gif
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ah well, pros/cons of the BB-code editor for me:

+no need to wait forever to edit an existing post

+I can cut/paste in Opera11 without getting a security error msg

-can't cut/paste pictures from other sites, I have to use [img][/img]

-can't embed youtube videos

-I run my web browsers w/ all options checked to ignore font size/style and so...the top menu doesn' show up at all, so I can't easily use italic/bold and so

-When I edit, I have to leave a blank line otherwise it says "edited by leeperry on XXX" right under my post

-When I quote, there are way too many blank lines in between


so if there were a way to fix that waiting problem when I want to edit an existing post w/ the regular editor, this would be great!

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OK, there's a trick that works for me: I right-click > I get the cut/paste menu, I click somewhere else in the window and then I can edit right away.


PS: ah well, that settles it...IE6 keeps making memory leaks w/ head-fi now :/

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You've been a member for 2 years and have 8 posts, all of which solicit information. If you find Head-Fi too difficult to navigate, leave, just as you did the Home Theater Forum, It's your loss. As far as Huddler is concerned, yes there are issues but it appears the vast majority of complains are from Firefox users. As an old programmer /systems analyst I'd have to say the problems belong to Firefox, not Huddler. Huddler support should receive kudos for attempting to compensate for Firefoxs shortcomings. 

Originally Posted by Majestyk View Post

I hate this forum software.  It doesn't even look like a forum to me. I used to be a regular member of Home Theater Forum for 10 years and when they went to this same software, I left immediately and haven't been back since.  I fear the same is going to happen here. Just my 2 cents.


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Lol FoxFire... the program is called Firefox.

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Ops, thanks for the correction.


Originally Posted by Hero Kid View Post

Lol FoxFire... the program is called Firefox.


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