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Why am I having so much trouble typing posts?

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I’m having some serious issues with the default text input window for making posts.


I am using the latest version of Firefox (3.6.13)


My big issues are:


1. I can’t copy and paste.  It says something about my browser security settings not allowing it but this is the only forum (or any webpage at all) that I have this issue.


2. Blinking text cursor disappears.  Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it isn’t.  But when the cursor disappears it becomes basically impossible to type anything.  I will click a certain area of the text window, where I want to type additional text, but when I start typing it will start typing at the beginning of the entire post instead of where I clicked.


3. Can’t highlight and delete text.  This seems to be related to the disappearing cursor, but when I select a line of text and attempt to delete it, it behaves like I never had any text selected in the first place and will either just delete a single character wherever the invisible cursor happens to be or it won’t do anything at all.


Pretty much the only way I’ve found to actually make these boards usable is to type every single post I make into Microsoft Word and then paste it into the text box once it’s finished. (CTRL-V works even though normal right-click copy/paste functions do not).


I visit over a dozen different forums on a daily basis.  These issues are unique to Head-Fi.  So what’s the deal?

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GotNoRice, are you using any plugins?  If so, can you give me a list of them?

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The only extension I'm running is Adblock Plus 1.3.3

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Can you disable that plugin and try again?  I believe that plugin may be your culprit.

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I have all of those listed problems as well, and I use ad block plus and noscript.

So the adblocker might be the problem, but I must say that this is the first forum I've been to that physically makes it hard for users to post something.

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I have the same problems listed above in Firefox and I am NOT running ad block. I'm having the same (or at least very similar problems) in Google Chrome. Actually the problem there seems to be that I can type a post just fine, but then clicking on the "Submit" button has no effect. So every time I was to make a post or respond to a PM, I have to fire up Microsoft Explorer.


Very annoying. Here are my Firefox extensions:


- Cooliris

- Evernote Web Clipper

- HP Smart Web Printing (where did that come from?)

- Java Console

- McAfee SiteAdvisor

- PhotoME


Other than the HP extension, I'm not willing to disable any of these just to post at Head-Fi.




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me too.. almost every time I post i have to immediately edit it to fix things because i was unable to complete my post correctly.


the cursor dissppears, and suddenly i cant put it where i want. 

if i try to type anymore it forces me to the top. 

i cant cut and paste, i cant insert text anywhere but the beginning.

i cant edit anything in any way

its very annoying


also using firefox, i have quite a few plugins. 


often this happens mid post. sometimes right from the start.

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Thanks for the information, guys.

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Did you guys already fix this? I haven't had any trouble today, don't know about others...


Thanks for your work on this.


Best regards,


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I have had the same problem for quite a while but seems ok now.

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still having the issue.. with this very post..    my attempts at editing this post are all below.. they are in reverse order, with the first bit i typed at the bottom, and the following bits in reverse order from bottom up.. this part im typing now is actually the last thing i have typed... if i were to try to move the cursor again.. what i typed next would go on top of this... also typed most of this post while another part of was highlighted.. usually when something is highlighted, and start typing, the highlighted part goes away of course...

then.. if i try to type agian.. it starts from the begginning like this...for example.. this top part should be on the bottom, but its the only part i can type in

im still having the issue.. with this very post as a matter of fact...



almsot every time i post this happens... grrr...

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hmm... trying internet explorer now and not seeming to have the issue. though it is sporadic, so its hard to tell.


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now i tried turning off all my addons, and going back to firefox.. issue instantly returned.. next ill tryi disabling the plugins..

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disabled all plugins and still havin the issue.. looks like its firefox.. going back to IE now...

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ok here we are back in IE.. again no issue... dang, that sucks, i hate IE... maybe its time to try Chrome


anyone have any other ideas.. this didnt always happen.. maybe the last few months or so it started..

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