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JHA lost JH16 & UE11 UPDATE

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First off all I would like to thank everyone for their support.
JHA have today sent me brand new JH16 and UE11 to replace the ones that were lost which I will add that Brittany insists she did not receive. I spoke to Brittany on the phone and she was ever so polite and really very nice even with all this going on.
I would like to thank JHA here for replacing these as I know they could have just refused and Brittany was the person who actually first said she would replace them before I even asked so hats off to her.
Anyway guys I don't want this thread also turning in to pointless arguments like the last one so I wont be posting here again but will update once I receive them as the tracking shows they are being delivered on Tuesday.
Thanks again everyone and thank you Brittany.
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Glad to hear you have it sorted and let us know when you actually get them.

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Bump for good will and to show how over the top the vitriol towards JHA was. A false claim of deception gets pages of JHA bashing and this gets ignored. Congrats to both JHA and Kruzin on helping out and getting sorted respectfully.


For those that don't reacall, JHA was accused of losing these when they had no record of receiving them. Weren't shipped insured or sig required so impossible to know exactly where they ended up or to get reimbursed. JHA accomidated even though Kruzin jumped the gun with accusations of JHA trying to cover their mistake while still searching for the package which included going door to door in the area. JHA's communication could have been better prior to the issue coming to light.

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