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If the ER-4S is a "10", what is the ER-4P ?

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Im not suggesting that the ER-4S is in anyway perfect, since I havent heard these yet. But say that 10 is an arbitrary rating of the 4S, then what would you give the 4P ?

The reason is that I want to know just how close people think 4P comes to 4S
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I'd say 11. I like the 4P just a bit more than the 4S.
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To me it's an 8 or a 9. The sound is still extremely precise, but with the ER-4P I often find myself wanting to fiddle with EQ because the balance doesn't quite sound "correct" to me; I want to hear the music differently from the way I'm hearing it. That's a distraction, so I'd mark it down a bit from 10. With the ER-4S I don't have that desire; it just sounds right to me.
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If the ER-4S is 10..
then I would rate the ER-4P as 8.5

Note that I am judging based from memory as I had the er-4p quite a while back already. But one thing for sure the ety-er4s is a keeper while my 4p was not. So it should tell you something
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It's the strange color of ER-4P compared to the ER-4S...

9 vs 10, I would say, though.

But, I like the ER-4X the best. @55ohms.
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I would say a "9.8". They both have characteristics I prefer at times. I can't say the 4S is inherently better in all sonic respects, so it's difficult to give the 4P a lower score. Two tenths subtracted to give the 4S top spot since if I could only have one, it would be it, but with the adapter, that's not an issue.
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The 4P would be an 8 compared to the stock 4s. But, if you mod the foam tip (basically cut off 1/3rd of the foam so the driver/filter is almost flush w/the end of the tip), then the 4s becomes an 11, while the 4p stays at 8.
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If the S were a 10 then the P would be a 12 at least. I find the P amped sounds much much better than the S. But that's just me.

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I'd say 11.
What, no Spinal Tap jokes?

I'm part of the (apparently growing) throng who prefer the 4P. But it really does come down to personal preference plus synergy with your amp and source.
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definitely a 9. The 4S just sounds so much more natural
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i'd give the p an 8. to my ears it seems to be a much fuller sound that is created and while some might like this better, i find it to be inferior to the s.
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I'd give the ER-4P a definite 8.7, because it's darker and somewhat less clear than the ER-4S that I own. (Then again, I'm comparing "great" to "greater", not "mediocre" to "good".)
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Cool so its averaging around 8 to 9 for the good old 4P. Sounds good enough for me to get
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and you can easily get or make an adaptor to change to 4S very easily but not vice versa...
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