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due to there are different versions of real turbines , you might have the real one.  the easiest thing to tell is from the package box itself,  the fake one has scaned and printed box, the picture is darker and blur compare to real one,  i think monster knows chinese will definitely make fake one, so monster decide not to let chinese make the box at least the very outside box.


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i think the person who did the comparison mixed up one of the pictures, both my turbines and turbines pros have the same thing that is put on top of the accessories. in this case, the "fake" one is the one i have :(


they sound very similar is because many fake headphones use OEM drivers


the fake one i got is card board box just like turbine pros' box,perhaps you got the real one? from what i know all the fake ones have card board box


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I had fake turbines, they sounded very similar, if not better than the Beats Tours. Its really easy to tell. Get the earphones out, check the filters. If they're sunken in, they're fakes.

Also, the box of fakes is SMALLER and is made of paper, and not hard cardboard. The carry case should be pretty roughly made. 


Note: In both reals and fakes there are products with different length L&R cable.